Translation of red in Spanish:


rojo, adj.

Pronunciation /rɛd/

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adjective redder, reddest

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    • 1.1

      (rose/dress) rojo
      (rose/dress) colorado mainly Southern Cone
      (flag/signal) rojo
      her eyes/hands were red tenía los ojos enrojecidos / rojos/las manos enrojecidas / rojas
      • to go red in the face ponerse colorado / rojo
      • there'll be a few red faces a unos cuantos se les va a caer la cara de vergüenza
      • I went bright red me puse colorado / rojo como un tomate
      • he has red hair es pelirrojo
      • the (traffic) lights were red el semáforo estaba (en) rojo
      • A red signal stops action, and green alerts the player that the coach needs his or her attention.
      • But drivers also fail to stop at red signals because they have misread a signal, or chosen to disregard it.
      • This system automatically stops the train if it passes through a red signal.
      • He grabbed red danger flags and special detonators, used to stop trains, and ran into the path of the train.
      • Cameras were installed but seem to do little except consistently fail to identify speeding motorists who disregard the red signal.
      • When the vehicles stopped at red traffic lights the ambulanceman got out of his car and approached the van, along with another driver.
      • Finally, the red traffic light means stop, even if your car is expensive or has the word ‘taxi’ on the roof.
      • In Beijing, some traffic lights offer a countdown clock for both green and red signals.
      • And in the centre of this ominous landscape is a street crossing with red traffic signals.
      • There are several examples of drivers passing red signals simply because in their experience they expect it to be green.
      • We sit watching the glow of the red signal for what seems an eternity.
      • The effect of reducing the number of trains running red signals is clear.
      • The train ahead is protected by a red signal, which will not change if the following train goes too fast.
      • You don't stop at a red traffic light, in case somebody hijacks your car.
      • At traffic lights the rule is very simple: when the light is red you have to stop and when it's green you go.
      • Buses maybe given a separate phase to travel through the intersection, while all other traffic is held on a red signal.
      • If you can't even get people to stop at a red traffic light, then what's the point?
      • The driver around whom the dispute is centred was demoted after passing four red signals.
      • The strike was to defend a driver who was demoted after passing red signals.
      • Even they will stop at red traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.
      • Dark red blood spilled from her arm and gathered in a pool on the ground.
      • The dark red blood forms a glaring contrast to the sickly green of the flesh.
      • He opened his mouth slightly trying to say something, but he only coughed out more dark red blood.
      • There was dark red blood dribbling down his chin, contrasting starkly with the rest of his blanched white face.
      • Her ruby red lips were grinning slyly as she placed her arms around her lover's neck.
      • She gave him a slight peck on the cheek, her ruby red lips leaving the smallest of imprints.
      • Dark red blood was running down the furry arm, and the hunter advanced again.
      • A dark red patch of blood marked the spot where the first intruder had fallen.
      • He'd stood up and his back was to her, his dirty blond hair was matted with dark red blood.
      • She had dark red lipstick across her lips and her eyelashes looked longer and she bat them often.
      • She walked up to a mirror and painted the creamy dark red lipstick over her lips.
      • Her face was pale and her lips were large and carefully lined with a dark red lip liner.
      • She just loves the dramatic ruby red colour and the fresh raspberry taste.
      • She was a blond with a sparkling pair of rare violet eyes and pouty red lips.
      • Eyewitnesses saw two men on a red motorcycle open fire with automatic weapons outside a cafe and then speed away.
      • The wallet was dark red cord and the diary green and blue in colour.
      • Her verdict was a delicious avocado and an interesting salad, including red cabbage with fresh orange and rice with caraway seeds.
      • When we came back, we could just see a great cloud of smoke and in the evening the red glow of fire still burning.
      • Men with splendid handlebar moustaches sport glorious orange or red turbans.

    • 1.2

      (meat) rojo
      (wine) tinto
      • These three grape varieties produce red wines which go lighter with age.
      • As well as being the source of red Burgundy wines, it is also a backbone of Champagne blends.
      • The principal grape used in the red wines of this region is Syrah.
      • It is home to very luscious and exotic red wines, principally Cabernet Sauvignon.
      • To make a red wine, a vintner will let the juice of the grapes mix with the skins.
      • Where once Burgundy had the field to itself, other parts of the world are now making some gorgeous red wines from Pinot Noir.
      • Would I pour my water into my white wine glass, red wine into my port glass or the whole lot over the tablecloth?
      • Add the red wine, allow to bubble for a few minutes, stirring.
      • Thirty minutes in a normal refrigerator for your red wines is all that is usually required on warm days.
      • The red wines, which are always my favourite tipple, are outstanding.
      • I seldom drink spirits, but I like a glass of red wine, sometimes a beer.
      • How cool you serve red wines on hot days is a question of taste.
      • I enjoy red wine but as the only drinker in the house, I find that one bottle lasts too long.
      • The name also has been used generically in some countries to refer to a blended red wine.
      • The best wine vinegar may be made from either white or red wine, the latter having an agreeable mellow taste.
      • Yield of their red wine is down, but that's due to their replanting programme.
      • For a long time red wine has been touted for its healthy effects on the heart.
      • They had come armed with plenty of local red wine and soon it was flowing fast.
      • Use patience, a very sharp carving knife, and lots of red wine for your guests.
      • One night early on, while we sat drinking red wine on the balcony off our room, a man in the adjoining room came out on his balcony too.

  • 2also Red

    the Red Army el Ejército Rojo


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    rojo masculine
    colorado masculine mainly Southern Cone
    underline it in red subráyelo con rojo
    • In the image, however, the shortest wavelengths are represented as blue, while the longest are coloured in red.
    • Presumably this is to encourage us to stop ignoring any bill not coloured in red.
    • Come here at sunset, when the colours flame in red and orange, bold and beautiful.
    • Brickfind Ltd sells reclaimed bricks in red, yellow and soft grey.
    • The restaurant creates varied kinds of curries in red, yellow, green, black and white.
    • Acidic conserved amino acids are shown in yellow and basic in red.
    • His blue eyes were rimmed in red, and large brown circles cried underneath them.
    • I started with obnoxious colours, brown and red mainly, and worked from there.
    • A Vote Labour leaflet in red and yellow is pinned to an upper window of his bungalow.
    • Delhi is a city of magnificence and desolation, grandeur and history, all seeped in red and purple.
    • The impressive hall and stairway are decorated in red and yellow with an attractive black and white tiled floor.
    • As the name implies, most of the Bar Rouge is decorated in red to create a striking visual effect.
    • Bright green eyes lined in red blinked up at me and my stomach dropped as I pulled my baby stepbrother into a hug.
    • After a week or so, they turn from the colours of capsicums - green, yellow or red - to the brown that we recognise.
    • The lighting in red, blue and warm yellow set the mood according to the emotion depicted.
    • The links to the useful posts were formerly in the area outlined in red.
    • In addition to the usual acts of remembrance, London was illuminated in red from Thursday through to Sunday.
    • There are earrings with precious stones in red, green and blue at another stall.
    • All club supporters are asked to turn out and support these young boys in red.
    • The three main colours of berry are red, orange and yellow.
  • 2 informal, derogatory also Red

    rojo masculine informal
    roja feminine informal
  • 3

    to be in/out of the red estar/no estar en números rojos
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    tinto masculine
    • Wine by the glass business is strong, too, he reports, and the bar offers eight white wines and seven reds.
    • The minute the mercury soars, red wines, especially big reds, start to turn volatile and taste soupy and mawkish.
    • All the great white wines are made from Chardonnay, all the great reds from Pinot Noir.
    • There is a limited wine list, from which I only tried the house wines, both the red and the white were excellent and not expensive.
    • Delicate reds, such as wines from France's Beaujolais and Chinon appellations, can often fulfil the role of a white wine, and vice versa.
    • Steer clear of excessively tannic reds, such as Cabernet Sauvignons.
    • And what Sauvignon Blanc does for white wines, Cabernet Sauvignon can do for reds.
    • If I ventured from the reds, Chardonnays replaced the lighter, less fulfilling whites.
    • We tasted a wide range of wines, from a sparkler to whites to reds to a very nice little semisparkler for dessert.
    • It favours a cool, climate but ripens earlier than other reds such as Cabernet.
    • It goes without saying that Bordeaux is better known for reds but this wine certainly doesn't let the side down.
    • As U.S. wine sales grow, reds have overtaken whites.
    • Acidity is more of a taste factor in white wines than in reds.
    • Some people regard white wines as something to rinse the palate with before they move on to some reds, but these two wines are worth a few minutes' pause.
    • Tartaric acid is what gives balance to sugars in white wines and tannins in reds.
    • You don't have to stick with sweet wines, some dry reds can make suitable chocolate partners as well.
    • And the thick bottle and handsome label make it an excellent gift wine for a lover of big reds.
    • Screwcaps are ok for young, zippy whites and reds, but are they right for fine wines?
    • Beaujolais is the perfect wine for people who like the soft fruity reds.
    • The lighter, almost earthy reds can be good here, too, if the wine producer has aimed for concentration.