Translation of redound in Spanish:


Pronunciation /rəˈdaʊnd/ /rɪˈdaʊnd/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to redound to sb's advantage redundar en beneficio de algn
    • it can only redound to our credit solo puede aumentar nuestro prestigio / buen nombre
    • Whether these efforts will redound to the benefit of taxpayers, will only be known come Budget Day 2004.
    • I heard one caller to a radio show suggest that this might redound to our benefit, since all they understand in that region is strength.
    • I assure you that it will redound to the social, academic and financial well-being of us all.
    • Such teamwork will only redound to the physician's benefit.
    • But no matter how they acquire their knowledge the fact is that said knowledge will always redound to their advantage.