Translation of redraft in Spanish:


volver a redactar, v.

Pronunciation /riˈdræft/ /riːˈdrɑːft/ /ˈriˌdræft/

transitive verb

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    volver a redactar
    • Marx drafted and redrafted this chapter several times in order to make it as accessible as possible.
    • All authors contributed to writing and redrafting the article.
    • He didn't send the letter, in fact he spent the remaining five years of his life redrafting it - he was notorious for redrafting scientific papers - and he redrafted this letter.
    • It is true that within six years the French had redrafted this list twice, extending it and then restricting it.
    • The select committee has redrafted the bill extensively, and the bill is better for it.
    • This newspaper has learned that the draft report has been redrafted at least three times within the last month.
    • Their motive is to help people, and the definition of treason needs to be redrafted so that they can do their important humanitarian work without fear of being charged with treason.
    • Nevertheless, the authors did succeed in redrafting it in an attempt to tone down the document's content.
    • And even if they all agreed on everything in it, the document would still have to be redrafted to take account of the fact that it will be a legal text.
    • The various security documents held by the Bank were redrafted in early 1985.
    • Dermot is now redrafting plans which he hopes to submit over the coming few weeks.
    • Legislation published last December had to be redrafted.
    • The police dissembled, waffled and redrafted the history.
    • After waiting hours for the paperwork to be redrafted he was told the court was then too busy and he would have to return next morning.
    • She simply reached for her textbooks and redrafted their work from scratch.
    • The council's annual budget had to be redrafted at the last minute to include the debt.
    • Whether these calculations will now need to be redrafted remains to be seen.
    • The suspicion is that those redrafting the policy were influenced by borrower governments to weaken policy requirements.
    • With one deft stroke, he placed himself in charge of redrafting a new set of laws.
    • The mine is now redrafting its labour policy with the help of the union, he said.


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    nuevo borrador masculine
    it needs a complete redraft hay que volverlo a redactar