Translation of reed in Spanish:


carrizo, n.

Pronunciation /rid/ /riːd/

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  • 1

    carrizo masculine
    junco masculine
    • Aquatic plants come in many forms, from relatively simple multi-cellular algae to reeds and water lilies.
    • Water lilies, reeds and sometimes, on hot days and nights, mists articulate the change between the heavily trafficked street and the park.
    • Look again for flooded areas, especially where long grasses and reeds lie over the water's surface.
    • Because we had long lengths of wide ditches where tall reeds grew in proliferation, we used to cut them using long-polled scythes and tie the stems into bundles.
    • He was especially drawn to the movement of taller plants, reeds and grasses.
    • They were sitting together beside a pool of water, surrounded by reeds and trailing plants.
    • I even noticed a juvenile white-crowned sparrow in the reeds along the water, newly arrived on its wintering grounds.
    • Avoid docking or beaching where plants such as reeds, grasses and mangroves are located.
    • The foothills themselves were coated in long, green grass with reeds growing at the riverbanks.
    • Edible reeds, rushes and grasses can be incorporated into both shallow and deep ponds, providing additional food for humans and wildlife.
    • It was filled with low bushes, dead grass, reeds, and shallow black water.
    • After numerous trips and hours of staring at the water and surrounding reeds, I still had not seen the kingfisher.
    • Sometimes, the nests are also built on the ground among reeds.
    • Bending down gracefully, she snapped a thick reed from the ground, and tied it around her mass of curly hair.
    • There are also several contributions on the sulphur-analog selenium, and on non-crop plant species, such as the common reed, algae and mosses.
    • I lay there a long time amongst the grasses and reeds, struggling to keep my head above the water, and trying not to be seen as the enemy searched for me.
    • Suddenly there was a loud hissing sound and thrashing of water from behind the reeds.
    • We canoed across the lake, through the water reeds which the Finns make into small pipes.
    • Wisteria, weeping willows and reeds are mirrored in the calm of the pond.
    • The common reed is a tall perennial grass found in marshes and along river and lake edges.
    • They were meant to imitate reed matting on the walls.
    • The initial housing is usually made out of light reed matting.
    • Two identical white reed Victorian garden chairs with high round arching backs stood ready.
    • The soft pad of papyrus reed sandals made me turn around.
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    • 2.1(in instrument)

      lengüeta feminine
      • She had just attached the reed to the mouth piece when she realized, ‘Oh my gosh!’
      • Wind instruments are tuned by adjustment to the length of tubing, using the tuning-slide on a brass instrument, the staple of the reed on an oboe, or the movable top joint of a flute, etc.
      • She hoped no one noticed her bright cheeks as she attached the reed to her mouth piece.
      • The khaen is a collection of bamboo pipes of different lengths, each with a small hole for fingering and a metal reed, preferably of silver, all attached to a mouthpiece.
      • Feeling melancholy, he fashioned the cut reeds into the musical instrument that bears his name - the pan-pipe.
      • One refreshing shower of raindrops between rehearsal and concert and the oboe reed's hardness and pitch-stability may well be altered.
      • I speak from experience when I say that a mouldy reed has neither the taste nor the sound of a clean reed.
      • One teenager checks the reed of his clarinet and practises phrasing.
      • Initially this was not possible: his Symphonium of 1829 required lung power to supply the air to its metal reeds, with the player using keys to select the desired note.
      • Possibly a distant ancestor of the modern bassoon, the instrument had a space at one end which almost certainly held a reed which generated the sound.
      • If it has a mouthpiece or a reed, Al can produce sublime music on it, often switching effortlessly between trumpet, saxophone and clarinet on the same gig.
      • She finished assembling Roxanne and fastened the reed to the mouthpiece.
      • The physical process of making sound with a reed is clearly not the same as it is for a transverse flute.
      • Of course, no oboe reeds were available locally, so I bought the oboe without having any idea whether or not it could play.
      • It employs a single reed and has a very pure tone with no vibrato although this can be induced by use of the bellows.
      • Here I must admit that for bassoon reeds, a decade or so of advanced macramé at night school is a sound investment.
      • In the harmonium the action of the bellows blows air past the reeds.
      • Digital processing morphs the clarinet's mournful tones into deep sinewave swoops, zooms in on the crackle of spit on the reed or squeezes out didgeridoo-like overtones.
      • Coren was sucking on a saxophone reed, listening to them talk.
      • The finished bassoon reed can last for several weeks if not months.

    • 2.2also reed instrument

      instrumento de lengüeta masculine
      • The Beast isn't even an electronic record as such, as Michel records himself on guitar, drums, melodica, horns, reeds, keys, the list goes on.
      • Al is a rare multi-instrumentalist, able to alternate on reeds and trumpet with equal artistry over an evening.
      • Youssou N'Dour worked with Fathy Salama, who arranged and conducted his orchestral group of violins, reeds, flutes, and percussion.
      • For the next few days I worked on packing up snare drums, clarinets, reeds and so many other things.
      • In Saracenic armies, bands composed of reeds and pipes of various sorts played during combat to encourage their own troops and to show that the line remained unbroken.
      • The combination of percussion and reeds, and the frenzied pace of some of the pieces, creates some uncanny parallels with Moroccan trance music.