Translation of reflex in Spanish:


reflejo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈriˌflɛks/ /ˈriːflɛks/


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    • 1.1Physiology

      reflejo masculine
      conditioned reflex reflejo condicionado
      • reflex action acto reflejo
      • These are inhibitory reflexes, excited by deglutition, by gastric distension, and by intestinal dilatation.
      • Secretion into the bloodstream is increased by the presence of food, particularly protein, in the stomach, and is also stimulated by neural reflexes.
      • All his paradigm required was linking and relinking stimuli and responses: a salivary reflex, once produced by food, was now evoked by a bell signaling the coming of food.
      • Neurologic examination revealed symmetric reflexes with normal sensation and strength.
      • My patient still had a few elicitable neurological reflexes.
      • It must be remembered that some individuals do not have a blink reflex, due to neuro-muscular problems with the eye, and therefore are at serious risk from this laser exposure.
      • These receptors also excite the defecation reflex.
      • Families frequently misdiagnose their loved ones' involuntary muscle reflexes as consciousness.
      • Pavlov's studies investigated the way in which environmental stimuli inspired biological reflexes in animals.
      • Deep tendon reflexes disappear within the first few days of symptom onset.
      • Monitor urine output, deep tendon reflexes and serum levels.
      • Sleep on your back - when the spit collects back there, it triggers a swallowing reflex.
      • The medulla controls this involuntary swallowing reflex, although voluntary swallowing may be initiated by the cerebral cortex.
      • Either mechanical tapping or electrical stimulation of the supraorbital regions may evoke the blink reflex.
      • He saw people as conditioned reflexes, not souls with intentions, willpower and choice.
      • They act on the brain to hold back the cough reflex.
      • Two significant complications of lung transplantation include the impairment of the cough reflex and mucociliary clearance.
      • Border Collies have a high startle reflex, which can sometimes endanger their lives.
      • Elevation of the larynx during the swallowing reflex protects the airway and opens the upper esophageal sphincter.
      • Thinking about your baby can stimulate the let-down reflex.
      • The reflexes in the feet are stimulated with various massage techniques to promote healing in the body.
      • The points on the ear have their reflex to different bodily functions or organs.
      • When the nervous system becomes involved, the muscle tendon bundles remain hypertonic and pain reflexes in the area are activated.
      • Applying pressure to reflex points makes it possible to interact with the interconnected systems of the body at an energetic level and restore homeostatic function.

    • 1.2(automatic reaction)

      reflejo masculine
      (response/refusal) (before noun) instintivo
      (response/refusal) (before noun) automático

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