Translation of regime in Spanish:


régimen, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈʒim/ /reɪˈʒim/ /reɪˈʒiːm/

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    régimen masculine
    the Somoza regime el régimen de Somoza
    • For one, wages tend to be lower in authoritarian regimes than in democracies, giving businesses in dictatorships a monetary advantage in selling exports abroad.
    • Meanwhile, in southern Europe, Spain, Portugal, and Greece were ruled by authoritarian regimes.
    • This sort of empty democratic trapping is a hallmark of authoritarian regimes.
    • On World Freedom Day, we also recognize that more than two billion people still live under authoritarian regimes.
    • The populations in South Korea and Taiwan suffered at the hands of brutal, US-backed authoritarian regimes.
    • The 1979 revolution overthrew a vicious dictatorial regime supported by the West.
    • Their puppet regime was overthrown by Fidel, and they will never forget.
    • In reply, Van Auken explained that the Soviet Stalinist regime had proven a false counterweight to imperialism.
    • Taiwan is a full democracy and North Korea, like the PRC, is a communist totalitarian regime.
    • Has the United States supported oppressive regimes in the region?
    • World Bank figures in 2000 showed that the number of authoritarian regimes had fallen from 70 in 1980 to 30.
    • Nkosi explained that Sisulu was the invisible power behind Mandela's successful defiance of the oppressive apartheid regime.
    • And then the United States supported various oppressive regimes throughout the region.
    • Governments and regimes around the world were classified as either friendly or injurious to American interests.
    • Who could argue with taking action against the regime responsible for such outrages?
    • Over the last 30 years they have fought dictatorial regimes in order to gain their freedom.
    • Additionally, religion has been used to blunt criticism of, and apologize for, illegitimate regimes and social orders.
    • The regime ordered the soldiers to shoot at them but they didn't because how can you shoot at two million people?
    • For all their crafty appeals to lower-middle-class grouses, fascist regimes left existing patterns of property and social class largely intact.
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    sistema masculine
    prison regime régimen penitenciario
    • Of course, economists apply additional tests to tax regimes.
    • ‘We have requested Burgoynes to focus on the Assured's cleaning regimes in order to ensure that compliance has occurred’.
    • It would in effect change the regime from a reference system to an appellate one.
    • This is indeed the desire of many more Zambians outside the public service spectrum who have also been complaining about poor salaries and the high tax regimes.
    • The next proposal is to simplify the tax regimes for pensions.
    • I recommend Dr Warren's latest observations about the myths and realities of tax regimes.
    • The eight different pension tax regimes should be reduced to three and the aim should be to reduce these to one.
    • Eventually her interest in the family superseded her interest in the tax regime and she then devoted all of her time to it.
    • At his junior seminary in Cumbria, the outwardly pious enforced a regime of physical and sexual abuse.
    • The tougher regime should also stop a rather dubious practice in the mortgage industry.
    • Besides, why would any Bermudian wish to live in Europe with its cold climate and harsh tax regimes?
    • The different tax regimes operating in different countries make it difficult to judge the relative competitiveness of the Irish market.
    • The review committee's response was to recommend the establishment of a licensing regime for payment systems.
    • The great majority of these sanction regimes have been imposed in the post - Cold War period.
    • Once that secret program was found, Blix seized the opportunity to strengthen the entire global nonproliferation regime.
    • He had almost succeeded in having the inspection regime removed.
    • Additional measures could have further refined and strengthened the sanctions regime.
    • All this maybe for naught, however, if the new tax regime fails to stand up to WTO scrutiny.
    • Serious questions arise, however, as to whether health privacy regimes should place any limits on the collection of patient data, at least for purposes related to treatment.
    • Why does a trade regime become unfair if it tries to promote these same principles internationally?
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