Translation of region in Spanish:


región, n.

Pronunciation /ˈridʒən/ /ˈriːdʒ(ə)n/


Anatomy Geography
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    región feminine
    zona feminine
    an agricultural/industrial region una región / zona agrícola/industrial
    • the London region will get some snow today hoy nevará en Londres y sus alrededores
    • the regions las provincias
    • a pain in the lumbar region un dolor en la región lumbar
    • As universities accommodated this changing clientele, boundaries weakened between regions, towns, classes, races, and the sexes.
    • The global market is distinguished on the basis of major geographic regions, with a special breakout on China.
    • Professor Byrne dealt with the question of how learning providers can play a binding role in uniting regions across county boundaries.
    • Bosnia took on a special significance as the boundary region between the two empires.
    • It's about protecting the rural character and open space of hinterland areas in the region.
    • In medieval times too the area was a major region of agricultural production, with a high density of small villages and hamlets.
    • In general, the burdens were heavier in less economically developed areas and lighter in regions where capitalism had penetrated more fully and where regional customs had curbed lordly rights.
    • He was widely known in the Williamstown and neighbouring regions and made a major contribution to the community life of the district over many years.
    • This region was always a good producer of a quality store and Mark always recognised that fact.
    • They lived in one of the last thatched houses in the region and always kept it in wonderful shape.
    • I think the region has always been leading the way a bit and will continue to do that.
    • These regions had become the major employing regions of the nation.
    • These opportunities presented themselves when grain, destined for towns or populous regions, moved through areas themselves suffering from food shortage.
    • The bigger cities get a fair share of cinematic exhibitions while the exhibitors in smaller towns and village regions often find it impossible to keep the business going.
    • West Auckland is today one of New Zealand's major wine producing regions and Henderson has one of the largest clusters of wineries in the country.
    • The region nearly always suffers a period of water stress in the hot, dry spring.
    • Once the teaching element of the site is on-line, these efforts can be expanded far beyond the boundaries of our region.
    • This region has not always been as arid and desolate as it is today.
    • This country's southern states have always been more culturally and politically conservative than other regions.
    • Such areas may be sub-national regions, countries, or groupings of countries.
    • This reduces the spaces in the thoracic and lumbar regions of the body, which creates undue pressure for the metabolic process and for the functioning of the organs of the body.
    • Occasionally, a half-vertebra is found in the thoracic and lumbar regions and very rarely in cervical and sacral vertebrae.
    • Anteroposterior and lateral radiographs of the thoracic or lumbar regions are indicated in patients with localized tenderness or a suspicious mechanism of injury.
    • Thoracic and lumbar curves have apex vertebrae in the middle of the thoracic and lumbar regions, respectively.
    • About 80 percent of spina bifida cysts are in the lower back's lumbar and sacral regions.
    • This form of anesthesia is used to block sensation in a particular region of your body.
    • Paraspinal tumors in the cervical, thoracic or abdominal regions may extend into the neural foramina and cause signs and symptoms of nerve root or spinal cord compression.
    • The head and neck encompasses many vital structures and is one of the most complex anatomical regions in the body.
    • Data were classified as early or late responses, as well as with respect to whether the lavages were of the bronchial or alveolar regions of the lung.
    • In many regions of the body the lymphatic tissues are not sharply delineated, but occur as infiltrations into the mucous membranes.
    • Your child's weight should also be managed properly, because excess weight can cause strain in regions of the body.
    • Testosterone supplementation produced lean body mass increases detectable in all body regions.
    • The accident report form provided details for three injury types and three body regions.
    • All visible regions of the thoracic aorta were fully explored in every patient, including the proximal ascending aorta beginning at the aortic valve.
    • Critical to the improvement of gas exchange was the restored aeration to dorsal lung regions.
    • They lie in particular positions that differ among organs and regions of organs.
    • Radiation therapy to the abdominal and pelvic regions in children and adolescents may potentially expose the ovaries to radiation and cause premature ovarian failure.
    • An injection of local anaesthetic into the epidural space in the lower back results in a loss of sensation in the pelvic region and legs.
    • The growth of and decline in the numbers of synapses in various regions of the cerebral cortex are closely associated with critical periods in development.
    • Lying causes activity in the frontal part of the brain, including the medial inferior and pre-central areas, as well as the hippocampus and middle temporal regions and the limbic areas.

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