Translation of rehearse in Spanish:


ensayar, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈhərs/ /rɪˈhəːs/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (play/concert/speech) ensayar

    • 1.2

      (dancers/musicians) hacer ensayar a
      • Her sister Doris had been employed to rehearse a group of dancing girls for a road show.
      • As the logistics of rehearsing a large group with electric instruments became increasingly difficult, Klein and Ford found themselves increasingly drawn to acoustic practices in the comfort of their living room.
      • Did you need a long time to rehearse your actors?
      • Within months Donnellan was rehearsing dancers in his own Romeo and Juliet.
      • On a break from rehearsing his touring band, making movies, recording his next album and taking care of his new son, Billy called.

  • 2 formal

    (enumerate, recount)
    (arguments/grievances) enumerar
    (arguments/grievances) repetir
    • My Lord, I do not propose to rehearse the arguments that were put forward by Mr Kovats and, indeed, that your Lordship has considered in the judgment.
    • I heartily agree and am consequently tempted to stop rehearsing the details of Beerbohm's life.
    • I don't want to rehearse my criticisms of his tactics or the failures of his deplorable regime during the Oslo negotiations and thereafter.
    • There's little need to rehearse the points in detail.
    • My Lord, I do not propose to rehearse the arguments again.
    • I need not rehearse the detail of each such attempt, but I refer to one which is independently verified as an example of what has occurred.
    • It is unnecessary to rehearse the details of the case against him.
    • I do not propose to rehearse in detail all those matters which I have identified earlier in this judgment as tending to the rejection of the Applications.
    • This is not the place to rehearse in detail the enormous changes that modernity has brought to human life.
    • The detail of what amounted to those reasonable precautions I have rehearsed already to your Honours.
    • I do not intend to rehearse every argument again in detail.
    • The arguments have already been well rehearsed against the teams jetting off to sunny climes.
    • In a long judgment the judge carefully rehearsed the arguments on each side before dismissing the application.
    • As she walking down the corridor, she rehearsed mentally the words she would say to him later.
    • He had been prepared for this and even mentally rehearsed such activities.
    • Thinking up answers and rehearsing them mentally, would give them a lot of confidence when going through the real event.
    • She had rehearsed these words during the flight.
    • Since my decision the night before I'd been mentally rehearsing my confession.
    • He deliberately slowed down, so that he was several steps behind his friends and mentally rehearsed his speech for the umpteenth time.
    • His words were purely rehearsed but his smile seemed genuine.
    • Tensing as they approached gradually, she mentally rehearsed her excuse in her head.
    • I wasn't sure I was really articulating my reasons properly, but it was the best I could do without having the chance to rehearse my words.
    • Mentally rehearse difficult situations in which you imagine yourself as successful.
    • She had told herself a thousand times, while rehearsing her lines in front of her bathroom mirror - and that had been since two days ago - that this was for the better, that she would, in fact, benefit from what she was going to do.
    • My voice is calm and even-toned, like I had rehearsed this confession a thousand times over.
    • Mary said the words she had been rehearsing in her head for hours.
    • Nervousness set in and the words he had rehearsed over and over in his head for months escaped his brain completely, rendering him a stuttering mess.
    • The words sounded rehearsed as though he had spoken them to himself too many times to count.
    • Mentally rehearse how you will deliver the news.
    • The speech might have sounded rehearsed in words, but in the tone of her voice, I felt that these words came from the heart.
    • There was something about her calm, cool demeanour and the way her words sounded like they had been rehearsed and perfected which rendered Jack speechless.
    • To me her words sounded slightly forced, almost as if she had rehearsed them beforehand.
    • He rehearsed again in his head the words ‘will you marry me?’

intransitive verb

  • 1