Translation of religious in Spanish:


religioso, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈlɪdʒəs/ /rɪˈlɪdʒəs/

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  • 1

    (ceremony/hymn/education) religioso
    religious freedom libertad de culto
    • religious observance observancia religiosa
    • the religious life la vida religiosa
    • ‘Come here and get your DVD for later tonight,’ one of them suggested, as he blasted religious music.
    • Through domestic items, religious ceremonies, music and oral histories we can see direct relations with past and present African cultures.
    • My timing was right, and I dropped by the magnificent St. Stephen's as a special religious music program was in progress.
    • These musicians used their art to rebel against the communist regimes of their countries by composing religious music, then forbidden.
    • When viewing their artwork many themes emerge including bright colors, music and religious symbols.
    • Time and time again I asked myself why I had returned to set religious texts to choral music.
    • The family is deeply religious, and Reid's faith keeps him centered and grounded.
    • Some of my family are deeply religious, on my partners side.
    • Well, the Hawkins family are deeply religious.
    • Previous studies indicate that religious affiliation played an important role in shaping attitudes toward abortion.
    • He argues that religious fundamentalism is the greatest threat to Western freedom currently on the political radar.
    • Both appear to agree that religious zealots should be regarded as the authentic voice of their faith.
    • Many new religious observances were designed by the feminist movement in the Church.
    • After World War II, many new religious sects were founded and existing sects expanded enormously.
    • Despite becoming devoutly religious, he was arrested for shoplifting during 2004.
    • Is it something of a counterpoint or does it counteract the overtly religious narrative art tradition of Catholicism?
    • Rather than being religious in character, the Shrine concerns relations between community and memory.
    • Many of these professional women have been religious since birth.
    • I didn't consider myself religious, nor do I now.
    • If you want to call it religious, go ahead, but that's not the point.
    • Grounded in religious beliefs and faith, watermen feel that man cannot and need not fully understand the blue crab.
    • She didn't mean religious beliefs, only faith in some higher values, in some higher reality that made them feel secure in a very insecure situation.
    • Many psychiatric inpatients indicate that spiritual / religious beliefs and practices help them to cope.
    • A complex woman of strong character and independent thought, Wells was shaped by firm moral convictions and profound religious beliefs.
    • If Warners does not accept the Hindu demands, the Hindu community will not be a silent spectator to the humiliation of its religious beliefs and scriptures.
    • But remember, it is not necessary to have a formal religious practice or a belief in God to prove conscientious objection.
    • Until recently I knew very little about Mennonites, the diversity of their religious beliefs and practices, and how most lead quite contemporary lives.
    • Further, among married couples and those with children, religious beliefs and practices hold increased levels of significance.
    • In general, the practitioners consider religious practice and belief to be important in their life and work, and they all express faith in God.
    • We would accordingly be required to weigh the value of every religious belief and practice that is said to be threatened by any government program.
    • We practice our religious beliefs, but I still have a problem with bringing a child into this sinful, dying world.
    • Let us hope that prisoners who wish to observe their religious beliefs and practices will now be given the means and opportunity to do so.
    • Differing religious beliefs and practices can be divisive.
    • We have been allowed to continue practicing our religious beliefs as we choose.
    • My own religious practices and beliefs have nothing at all to do with the perception of those around me.
    • One can also learn more about the religious beliefs and practices of these families.
    • Security, dignity, and freedom to be educated and to practise cultural and religious beliefs are essential to preserving a sense of identity.
    • The result was a matted, knotted hairstyle that honored the Rastafarian religious beliefs.
    • Although people have deep religious beliefs, they follow the dictates of their own conscience in church matters.
    • In other words, only those possessed of deep religious beliefs are capable laying down their lives for their country.
  • 2

    (person) religioso
  • 3

    (exactitude) esmerado
    (exactitude) minucioso
    you must be religious about doing it every day tienes que hacerlo todos los días religiosamente
    • he does it with religious care lo hace con gran esmero
    • But also you have to get rid of this free-trade rhetoric and jargon, because it's kind of a religious devotion to the notion of free trade.
    • McCain shows an almost religious devotion to his causes - like campaign finance reform - and is brashly outspoken.
    • Sounds like a program you'd watch with religious devotion, doesn't it?
    • It also demonstrates Vegas' almost religious devotion to the new.
    • The other thing I didn't like about it was an almost religious aversion to Microsoft.
    • Its artists broke every boundary they could find, mixing up art and life with almost religious devotion.
    • "We've become religious about the design director," says Miranda.

nounplural religious

  • 1

    (monk) religioso masculine
    (nun) religiosa feminine
    • It was not, one would think, the normal one of a religious with a church.
  • 2religious plural

    (pious people)
    the religious las personas religiosas