Translation of relish in Spanish:


salsa, v.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛlɪʃ/

Definition of salsa in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    they won't relish having to walk no les va a hacer ninguna / ni pizca de gracia tener que ir a pie
    • I don't relish the thought/prospect of … no me entusiasma / no me hace ninguna gracia la idea/perspectiva de …
    • if you like horror movies, you'll relish this one si te gustan las películas de terror, esta te va a encantar / disfrutarás muchísimo de esta
    • she smiled, relishing her moment of triumph se sonrió, saboreando su momento de triunfo


  • 1

    • 1.1(condiment)

      (para condimentar) salsa feminine
      • Being highly concentrated, Worcester sauce is employed mostly as a condiment or an ingredient rather than as a relish like the brown sauce which it superficially resembles.
      • Current retail product categories include dried spice, dipping sauces, chutneys and relishes, and seasoning for white and red meats.
      • Look for stuffed olives, relishes, pickled garlic, or flavored mustards.
      • Sandwich the burgers with the onion relish and the other garnishes of your choice, and eat with your hands.
      • This season we put up more than 300 jars of jellies, pickles, relishes and tomatoes without heating up the kitchen or spending hours waiting for a large pot of water to come to a boil on the kitchen stove.
      • However, there are salads, drinks and relishes for meat that also incorporate this prairie fruit.
      • Wet dishes such as soups and curries play off the drier dishes, relishes and the crunchy raw vegetables Thais consider a mandatory part of a good meal.
      • To make the relish, finely dice the beetroot and combine with the vegetable or chicken stock, vinegar, sugar and salt in a small pan.
      • Season with tamarind water and lime or mandarin juice: the relish should be salty, hot, sour and sweet.
      • Add the fresh-squeezed juice into salsas and relishes for an added shot of flavor.
      • As I reached over the table for my can of iced tea, Haley quietly chomps down her slice of pizza, while Chad engulfs half a hamburger, coated with a mixture of pickle relish and ketchup.
      • There's also a pretty good chance that we could have a last minute substitution for the cranberry relish.
      • And there was no sign of the promised red onion relish which might have given it that zing.
      • Top the burgers with either a dollop of cranberry jelly, tomato relish or onion marmalade.
      • Alternatively, tomato relish goes particularly well, and of course a salad and some cold beer.
      • In business class, meals with chicken soup have given way for fruit salads, pineapple and mango relish.
      • Show off your line of homemade corn relish at the local fair.
      • The crispy phyllo pastry that housed the veggie pie provided perfect textural contrast to the pasty sweet potato, which was oh-so-sweetly lubricated by a juicy tomato-apple relish.
      • I always put out several cucumber plants for pickle relish and bread-and-butter pickles.
      • Cold meat may taste better with a garnish of a pickle or other relish.

    • 1.2US (accompaniment)

      (gen a base de frutas fritas o confitadas) guarnición feminine

    • 1.3(flavor)

      sabor masculine

  • 2

    with relish con gusto
    • to have a relish for sth disfrutar mucho de algo