Translation of remain in Spanish:


seguir, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈmeɪn/ /rɪˈmeɪn/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (continue to be) seguir
      (continue to be) continuar
      (stay) quedarse
      (stay) permanecer formal
      her condition remains critical su estado sigue siendo crítico
      • these laws will remain in force estas leyes continuarán / permanecerán en vigor
      • the best thing is to remain silent lo mejor es quedarse callado / es callarse
      • he remained cheerful despite everything a pesar de todo no perdía el buen humor
      • if the weather remains fine si sigue haciendo buen tiempo
      • the mystery remained unsolved el misterio no se llegó a resolver / quedó sin resolver(se)
      • he remained standing se quedó de pie
      • please remain seated por favor no se levanten
      • I remain, yours faithfully le saluda atentamente
      • Though a silver bullet does not exist, hope remains for improved weed control.
      • However, uncertainty remains regarding the effectiveness of interventions to reduce lead hazards and blood lead levels.
      • But even so uncertainty remains as to possible changes in the state of targets between the time of missile launching and its flying.
      • Therefore, great uncertainty remains as to whether the US economy has entered a period of stable growth.
      • Uncertainty remains, but here are seven promising trends that could make the year memorable.
      • Secondly, a degree of uncertainty remains regarding the freedom of the parties to vary their contract where the third party's views are unknown.
      • Nevertheless, uncertainty remains about the optimal selection of patients for home treatment.
      • Academic and even judicial uncertainty remains about the exact meaning and scope of the term.
      • I say that, without resolving this question, a wholly undesirable state of uncertainty will remain.
      • Uncertainty will always remain, however, particularly when the evidence is unreliable.
      • The taint of uncertainty and danger in the region, while it remains, will continue to have a negative effect on investor sentiment.
      • Yet at the end of it, serious doubts remained as to whether the story should ever have been given the prominence it had.
      • But the fact remains that the BBC continues to broadcast challenging environmental coverage on TV, radio and the internet.
      • This pubic hair remains for the rest of the adult life.
      • But serious uncertainties remain about how to measure and account for estimates of net carbon.
      • But a great deal of pictorial evidence remains from both regions, along with much information in literary and religious texts about the place and function of music.
      • All are covered with an undercoat, of which a great deal remains, of a copper-red colour.
      • She met and married her husband, Lou, and remained there for the rest of her life.
      • I no longer wish to support my husband's application to remain in the UK and we are no longer together.

    • 1.2(stay)

      permanecer formal
      remain here until I call you quédese aquí hasta que lo llame
      • how long do you intend to remain in the country? ¿cuánto tiempo piensa quedarse en el país?

  • 2

    • 2.1(be left)

      to remain to + inf
      • what still remains to be done?
      • certain questions remain to be answered
      • it only remains for us to say goodbye
      • all that remains is for this last restriction to be lifted
      • to remain behind
      this is all that remains of the city esto es todo lo que queda de la ciudad
      • a few crumbs were all that remained solo quedaban unas migajas
      • there are less than five minutes remaining quedan menos de cinco minutos
      • let me enjoy the few pleasures that remain (to me) déjame que disfrute de los pocos placeres que me quedan
      • the fact remains that … el hecho es que …
      • In the end, with absolutely no time remaining, a deal was cut.
      • If the Court pleases, there are nine matters remaining for me to deal with.
      • Twelve minutes remained to be played, and four more were added.
      • After a year nothing much had happened and, with no funds remaining, treatment ceased.

    • 2.2remaining present participle

      they spent the remaining day in Paris pasaron el día que les quedaba en París
      • the remaining ten pounds can be paid later las diez libras restantes / que quedan / que faltan pueden pagarse más adelante