Translation of remainder in Spanish:


Pronunciation /rəˈmeɪndər/ /rɪˈmeɪndə/

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  • 1

    (amount, number)
    the remainder el resto
    • the remainder of the bread el resto / lo que quedaba (or queda etc.) del pan
    • they spent the remainder of the evening playing chess pasaron el resto de la noche / lo que quedaba de la noche jugando al ajedrez
    • we have three of the tickets, but the remainder are missing tenemos tres de las entradas, pero faltan las restantes / las demás / falta el resto
  • 2

    resto masculine
    • Cut the remainder of the lemon into slices then lay the lemon slices on top of the fish.
    • Thinly slice half the strawberries, mash or sieve the remainder and mix with the cream, lemon juice, sherry or wine and sugar.
    • It may have been opening night jitters, but that doesn't excuse the remainder of the cast from constantly tripping over their lines.
    • The remainder of the antibody molecule is more constant between different antibodies.
    • The remainders have been classified in three groups.
    • Alcoa will take at least a 60 per cent ownership stake in the smelter, with a state-owned enterprise holding the remainder, the web site said.
    • The remainder of the $6 million was committed by the presidents and chancellors of the participating universities.
    • He pointed out that while a few employees work part time to maintain the building and the grounds, management has found other jobs for the remainder of their former employees.
    • The remainder is owned by processing giant, Dairy Crest.
    • The remainder is owned by the three Dublin doctors.
    • The remainder is then left to the family when the person dies.
    • The remainder came from other disciplines, with general surgery making up 26%.
    • York generates 150,000 tonnes - the remainder comes from as far afield as Manchester.
    • The remainder comes from wholesale activities, funds management and from life assurance and pensions.
    • He pleaded guilty to six yesterday with the remainder being ordered to remain on file.
    • The remainder consists predominantly of members of thirty-six groups with populations of 100,000 or more.
    • The remainder consists of fertile coastal and riverine lowlands, including a narrow sandy and marshy coastal plain.
    • Almost half the land is in agricultural use, with much of the remainder consisting of forests and high mountains.
    • The remainder comprises taxes on insurance premiums and car maintenance.
    • Ninety-five percent is used as pizza topping, while the remainder is made into sliced or ‘portioned’ cheese.
    • Modular arithmetic involves working with the remainders generated by division.
    • Euclid's algorithm is here applied to 720 and 168: Just keep dividing and noting remainders so that the larger number 720 is 4 lots of the smaller number 168 with 48 left over.
    • Gersonides had the idea of looking at remainders after division of powers of 3 by 8 and powers of 2 by 8.
    • The square of any prime number greater than 3 leaves a remainder of 1 when divided by 12.
    • Such a sequence consists of the remainders, or residues, after squaring consecutive whole numbers, then dividing them by a given prime number.
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    (unsold book)
    resto de edición masculine
    • It seems that presswork was already completed on a number of these quartos, which are correctly dated ‘1619’, but others were falsely dated, probably with the intention to pass them off as remainders of earlier editions.
    • His books are already weighing down the remainder tables.
    • Today, they had disappeared without a trace, not even in evidence on a remainder table.
    • Have a look in the remainder bookshop and you'll find cheap reprints of the original texts.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to remainder books liquidar restos de edición