Translation of remarkable in Spanish:


notable, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈmɑrkəb(ə)l/ /rɪˈmɑːkəb(ə)l/

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    (ability/intelligence/event/likeness) notable
    (achievement) sorprendente
    (coincidence) extraordinario
    to be remarkable for sth destacar(se) por algo
    she's a truly remarkable woman es una mujer realmente excepcional
    • it is remarkable that this has never been challenged es sorprendente que esto nunca haya sido cuestionado
    • Her achievements are even more remarkable for the fact that she only embarked on a university education in her fifties.
    • Things came to a head within a week, which is quite remarkable by theatre standards.
    • One of the most remarkable achievements of capitalism is the drop in infant mortality.
    • One of the most remarkable achievements of modern industrial capitalism is the increase in life expectancy.
    • But in another respect I found the results quite remarkable.
    • The figures say everything about the most remarkable bowling feat in cricket's history.
    • When you look at it like that, it's a truly remarkable feat.
    • Emily only became a senior grade four days before the competition which makes her result even more remarkable.
    • Initially, there seems to be nothing remarkable about a group of investment bankers being mentors.
    • I have to say I find that fact as remarkable as it is humbling.
    • Bradley recounts one remarkable story of a naval aviator who was shot down.
    • One of the big surprises of the global economy is Japan's remarkable turnaround.
    • In the end, however, Tom made a remarkable comeback by defeating Michael.
    • The remarkable similarities between these deposits indicate that they were formed by identical processes.
    • And it will bear a remarkable similarity to his father's and grandfather's.
    • I did indeed see the remarkable resemblance, the fusion of nature and art.
    • I love all the little things the company did to make the product remarkable.
    • As a couple of you have pointed out, it's a remarkable coincidence.
    • You can't deny that it's a remarkable coincidence, the way things worked out.
    • The government's education policies must be working, as the value added seems remarkable.