Translation of remember in Spanish:


acordarse de, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈmɛmbər/ /rɪˈmɛmbə/

See Spanish definition of recordar

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person/name/fact) acordarse de
    (person/name/fact) recordar
    to remember -ing
    to remember sb/sth -ing
    don't you remember me? ¿no te acuerdas de mí?
    • I can't remember where I put it no me acuerdo de / no recuerdo dónde lo puse
    • I can't remember if / whether I locked the door no recuerdo si cerré la puerta con llave
    • I always remember faces nunca olvido una cara
    • here's a little something to remember me by toma, un detalle para que te acuerdes de mí / para que tengas de recuerdo
    • I remember him as a young man / when he was a young man lo recuerdo de joven
    • this year will be remembered as a turning point in our history este año se recordará como un hito en nuestra historia
    • he remembered me in his will me dejó algo en su testamento
    • she remembered him as (being) a shy young man lo recordaba como un joven tímido
    • it was an evening to remember fue una noche memorable
    • I suggest that you give him a new name as hearing his old name may cause him to remember the past.
    • I still remember quite vividly reading the story when I was at primary school.
    • Whenever a team isn't winning, people always remember who isn't playing.
    • We must always remember all who took part in all conflicts past and present.
    • But Richard can still remember vividly the day he questioned the idea that more choice is always better.
    • I had several teeth out this way and can still remember vividly the smell and the rubber mask.
    • If you don't believe me, ask yourself whom you remember most fondly from your childhood.
    • I don't even remember all the things that happened on this trip.
    • I don't even remember which brain regions are being considered.
    • You reminded me of someone I remember vaguely from my very early childhood.
    • She even had trouble remembering some details about Luke.
    • I'm sorry, I'm having trouble remembering things today.
    • When it comes to good conduct, it's worth remembering an incident that occurred in 1999.
    • He, no doubt, shall be remembered with fondness by many former students.
    • He remembered with fondness the beautiful Cherry trees, which are still in the gardens.
    • She will be remembered with affection as a friendly, kind and reserved lady.
    • He had not remembered that incident so long ago; how could he?
    • After exposure to extreme stress, some victims report difficulties remembering things in everyday life.
    • I remember reading that myself and puzzling over how this conclusion had been drawn.
    • I remember watching my father get dressed for work when I was a kid.
  • 2

    • 2.1(be mindful of, not forget)

      to remember to + inf acordarse de + inf

      • did you remember to water the plants?
      remember your manners no olvides tus modales
      • I'll remember you if anything comes up te tendré presente / me acordaré de ti si surge algo
      • remember where you are/who you're talking to! ¡recuerda donde estás/con quién estás hablando!

    • 2.2(commemorate)

      (dead) recordar
      he has asked to be remembered in our prayers nos ha pedido que lo tengamos presente en nuestras oraciones

    • 2.3(send regards)

      to remember sb to sb
      • remember me to your mother
      • Peter asked to be remembered
      • I told everyone to remember me to their husbands.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    I used to sit next to you at school, remember? me sentaba a tu lado en la escuela ¿recuerdas / te acuerdas?
    • as far as I remember que yo recuerde
    • for as far back as I can remember desde que tengo memoria
    • as I remember, you promised to pay me back today me parece recordar que / que yo recuerde prometiste devolverme el dinero hoy
    • if I remember correctly / right(ly) si mal no recuerdo
    • try to remember! ¡haz memoria!
  • 2

    (be mindful, not forget)
    no olvidarse
    I'll try to remember trataré de no olvidarme / de que no se me olvide
    • Then, when you're stopping the paper and the mail, remember to plant some trees as well.
    • Please list your 5 choices in order, remember to sign your post, and get it in by midnight on the 21st.
    • Paul's strengths are that he vacuums, does dishes, and remembers to turn the car blinker off pretty quick after completing a left hand turn.
    • If we can't manage things at home, such as cooking, cleaning, bathing or remembering to take our medications, we may not know where to go for help.
    • She suggested he should see a dentist, of course, as well as remembering to brush his tongue when he brushes his teeth.
    • Rinse off with a fourth cloth and hot water, remembering to keep the rinsing cloths in separate buckets.
    • All wonderfully participative, although no one remembered to advise the aggrieved to change the station or turn the radio off altogether.
    • Even though we had our own garden, my mother always bought from him, and as children we remembered to be on the front porch to wave to him on his return trip to Rutherglen.
    • If I were to make a suggestion to him, my suggestion would have been they ought to have remembered to call on some foreign reporters.
    • I remembered to consider all the things that could possibly go wrong.
    • If only I had remembered to put the cap back on the Liquid Plumber before it was inadvertently knocked over.
    • Book had won the pot, which it turns out almost no one had remembered to put any money into.
    • Just remember to book your homebound flight from the right airport.
    • Before booking airfare, remember to research all your options, including alternate airports.
    • Don't assume the applicants will remember to specify which jobs interest them.
    • Just remember to take responsibility and arm yourself with proper backcountry gear, and check the avalanche conditions.
    • Enjoy this island and remember to venture out of your resort to do some exploring and make the most of your time on this very exotic island.
    • Finally, remember to set aside a few quid for a week away yourself - as parents of the bride you'll need it!
    • Just remember to book your stay well in advance to avoid disappointment, as it is busy year round in this city of royal romance.
    • Just remember to tread gently where feelings are concerned - your own as well as other people's.