Translation of remind in Spanish:


recordarle a, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈmaɪnd/ /rɪˈmʌɪnd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    recordarle a
    hacerle acordar a River Plate
    to remind sb to + inf recordarle a algn que + subj
    hacerle acordar a algn de que + inf
    to remind sb about sth
    to remind sb of sth/sb
    he needed no reminding no hizo falta recordárselo
    • don't remind me! ¡no me lo recuerdes!
    • which reminds me, … lo que me recuerda …
    • oh, that reminds me … ¡ah! por cierto …
    • passengers are reminded that … se recuerda a los señores pasajeros que …
    • Both Isabella Rosellini and Marilyn Monroe began as models, she reminds me.
    • Normally she reminds me by circling the date in red on her desk calendar and angling it so that I can't help but see it.
    • On the other hand, I cannot feel too bitter about an occasion that reminds me that my birthday is the next day.
    • I can't even begin to do it justice except to say that it reminds me why I fell in love with animation in the first place.
    • And remind me sometime to write about accessibility of information online.
    • If you do, your wife will remind you daily for the next six years.
    • Healthcare professionals can address the psychological needs by having patients remind themselves daily why they are quitting smoking.
    • Occasionally the guitar figure skips a note, reminding us she is actually playing this.
    • She left a quick note reminding her father not to forget his meeting in the morning and went on her way.
    • I pushed through by reminding myself that when this project was finished, it would all be worth it.
    • I was able to remind myself of these cases by reading the notes on the previous evening.
    • The Judge properly reminded the jury of the suggested motive for lying.
    • Encourage courtesy by reminding children to say please and thank you to those who serve or help them.
    • These poles and trees are to remind the heir that it is his obligation to care for the orphans.
    • He will need to be reminded that his duty is to assist the court rather than Sarah.
    • All members are reminded to bring something for the supper and also a little gift.
    • Members are reminded to bring their competition entries with them for the meeting.
    • They were all reminded what the real point of the evening was.
    • With the lambing season now under way dog owners are reminded to keep their dogs under control.
    • The public were reminded to keep to marked footpaths, keep dogs on leads around livestock and close gates.
    • All catering staff have been reminded of the importance of adhering to these procedures.
    • The floor resembled an empty floor of a warehouse, and John was reminded of where he'd woken up the day before.
    • We gave them the album… actually they were one of the first to say it reminds them of '80s new wave.
    • The voice reminds me of the technician that had prepared me for the drop.
    • The series reminds me a lot of Cardiac Arrest, this programme that used to be on BBC One in the mid-90s.
    • He reminds me rather of Christopher Hitchens, and that's high praise indeed.
    • It reminds me a little too much of the leisure suit, a fashion faux pas we don't need to revisit.
    • The way he would hold a note reminded me at the time of David Bowie, though that now seems wide of the mark.