Translation of remnant in Spanish:


restos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛmnənt/

See Spanish definition of retazo


  • 1

    restos masculine
    the remnants of Napoleon's army lo que quedaba del ejército napoleónico
    • a remnant of the past una reliquia / un vestigio del pasado
    • the last remnants of her self-respect los últimos rastros de su amor propio
    • It happened in front of the Western Wall, the last remnant of the Second Temple.
    • Nine hundred years later, the remnant of their empire is a small, weary nation, divided between two countries, with a bad reputation due west, and a genetic legacy like no other, stretching from the Pacific to the Caspian Sea.
    • Nearby is the Bosco di Mesola, the only remnant of the woodland which once covered most of the delta area: here Italy's last surviving native population of red deer took refuge, protected by the malarial swamps all around.
    • Jewish people who are aware of this history know that if they lose control over Jerusalem, they will inevitably lose access to the only remnant of their Holy Temple.
    • I will not let him destroy the last remnants of our family.
    • She wiped away the last remnants of her tears.
    • The insurgents represent the remnants of a regime of torture and repression.
    • The coalfield represents an erosional remnant of the South Wales coal basin preserved within the Variscan fold belt.
    • Less than one percent remains in scattered rainforest remnants.
    • To one side, the tattered remnants of spacesuits collected dust on old shelves.
    • Water dripped from the ceiling, and in one corner we found burnt remnants of clothing.
    • The discovery suggests that many other fossil bones may contain well-preserved remnants of bone marrow, the scientists say.
    • We will find them and we will defeat these remnants of the former regime.
    • Now, less than one percent remains as fragmented remnants scattered across 75,000 hectares.
    • There has also been a concerted effort to preserve the remnants of the World Trade Centre.
    • Now scientists have plans to save its remnants from the rising tide of development.
    • Bottomland hardwood forests and remnants of swamp forests can be found near the flood control reservoirs.
    • A remnant of the old army is supporting and perhaps leading the current chaos.
    • The remnants of the French armies were able to retreat to the frontier but Spain was lost.
  • 2

    (of cloth)
    retazo masculine
    retal masculine Spain
    • Since dealers tend to sell remnants at a discount, it's well worth the extra effort.
    • She lost her balance and fell headfirst onto a 1-cm thick piece of plush carpet remnant covering the concrete floor.
    • The warehouse is a treasure trove of inexpensive art supplies, including fabric remnants, wallpaper samples, tiles, and picture frames.
    • Other quick-change options include crocheted doilies, printed tea towels, monogrammed napkins, or hemmed fabric remnants.
    • Willie made me beautiful dresses, even if she used leftover pieces and remnants.
    • If you're using corduroy remnants, cut the strips across the fabric grain with the cords running perpendicular to the strip length.
    • You can even make your own by using two foot high section of a four by four, two foot by two foot piece of heavy plywood and a carpet remnant.
    • A species of knitted golem stretched out on the floor, it extracts sense memories of his childhood home from the Urals folk custom of making carpets out of fabric remnants.
    • Add some batting, wadding or any padding that you can find then cover this with a fabric remnant before hot gluing cones, fruits or any other harvest decorations and a large bow to the wreath.
    • To complete the holiday look use fabric remnants to make holiday table runners or simply wrap your table in holiday paper.
    • Check your fabric stash, or purchase remnants that can be cut and used for patches.
    • Instead, I'll probably just cut a hunk of carpet remnant to fit the small area of exposed bed.