Traducción de remorse en Español:


remordimiento, n.

Pronunciación /rəˈmɔrs/ /rɪˈmɔːs/

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    remordimiento masculino
    he was full of remorse sentía un gran remordimiento
    • the murderer was entirely without remorse el asesino no sentía el menor remordimiento
    • tears of remorse lágrimas de arrepentimiento
    • These are often characterised by feelings of shame, regret, remorse and anxiety.
    • Very often he is feeling guilt or shame or remorse for something he has done.
    • There was no remorse or guilt in any of the conspirators, only pride at doing the right thing.
    • This leads to feelings of loss, guilt and remorse and sets in progress the process of mourning.
    • Often beset by regret and remorse they seek, but do not always find, redemption in various forms.
    • Given the chance, as a young man, he would nap till noon without remorse or regret.
    • Such prisoners will probably not express contrition or remorse or sympathy for any victim.
    • Let us not create heroes even before they show any remorse and repentance for their acts of terrorism?
    • He is called upon to express remorse and modified anguish a couple of times, which he carries off easily.
    • When faced with the sight of the dead crocodile, the man was filled with tremendous remorse and burst into tears.
    • How on Earth can anyone be expected to show remorse, for something they say they didn't do?
    • He has a romantic streak and, full of remorse and resentment, is deeply upset by the feud with his mother.
    • He turned away from her a bit, but Chantal could see he was hurt and felt instant remorse.
    • However, the periods of remorse do not inhibit further episodes of acting out behaviour.
    • Although filled with remorse, he does so, and they exchange their stories.
    • She did not even feel the slightest bit of anger or remorse as she felt her hands lift up the gun.
    • Nathan's body slumped to the ground, his eyes filled with hate and for once a bit of remorse.
    • She felt no remorse, not even the tiniest twinge of guilt for what she had just done.
    • They showed desperation, ruthlessness and remorse among other things.
    • Further, he has even not shown any remorse for what he put this person, his family and his practice through.