Translation of rendezvous in Spanish:


encuentro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɑndəˌvu/ /ˈrɑndeɪˌvu/ /ˈrɒndɪvuː/ /ˈrɒndeɪvuː/

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nounplural rendezvous

  • 1

    encuentro masculine
    cita feminine
    she made her way to the rendezvous se dirigió al lugar señalado para el encuentro / la cita
    • to fix a rendezvous with sb darse cita con algn
    • a rendezvous with destiny una cita con el destino
    • Not many get the chance to have a rendezvous with the 1980 All England badminton champion.
    • While we're at it, we should throw in the fact that he so vividly recounts a rendezvous with an Antiguan immigration officer.
    • The contestants had a rendezvous with the ‘super cop’ himself, the City Police Commissioner.
    • Fortified by a twice-baked Goats cheese souffle and a wine that was fresh, crisp and fruity, I set off for my final rendezvous with his holiness.
    • I rendezvous with the band, sans Justin for the moment, for lunch at the venue.
    • They found him shortly after, and finding themselves with another forty-five minutes before the rendezvous with the superheroes, ducked into Ye Olde Time Arkade a few blocks down.
    • Marie's subsequent rendezvous with her husband to discuss the ransom money is quite absurdist, occurring on a very crowded street near a poissonnerie and a merry-go-round.
    • Here I have a rendezvous with the Timmermans, a Belgian couple who swapped the world of high finance for the good life.
    • In Twin Creeks, Cole and Dillon followed FBI agent Haynes to a rendezvous with an informant who disclosed that Vincenzo is planning to attend a meeting in Philadelphia.
    • When a young police detective sets up a rendezvous with Tina for a little late night ‘questioning,’ he becomes the duo's next victim.
    • In the four hours it took Gabe to wait for his rendezvous with Alex, the weather did not improve; as a matter of fact, it had only become colder, more drafty and cloudier.
    • I hated our yearly rendezvous with the Bennets.
    • Christopher arranges a rendezvous with the socialite.
    • That night, he keeps his rendezvous with his secret correspondent and is surprised to find that Clara is that person.
    • Turning off the sound but letting the image run in the background, he turned to prepare for his rendezvous with the Senator.
    • Until then I'll be making arrangements for your rendezvous with your charges.
    • Mark and Tina sat in the reception awaiting their rendezvous with the principle.
    • We don't know what he may have told the Krasians on his last rendezvous with them.
    • Winston and the girl were finally able to arrange a rendezvous in the country.
    • As it was, I was already a couple minutes late for our little rendezvous.

intransitive verb rendezvous, rendezvousing, rendezvoused

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    to rendezvous with sb encontrarse con algn