Translation of repellent in Spanish:


repelente, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈpɛlənt/ /rɪˈpɛl(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    to be repellent to sb resultarle repelente a algn
    • Then, with repellent images of disgust, he urges his mother to cease all sexual relations with Claudius.
    • The brutal indifference, the unfeeling isolation of each in his private interest becomes the more repellent and offensive, the more these individuals are crowded together, within a limited space.
    • The repellent nature of this image evokes the almost primitive disgust that Nixon was able to elicit from his liberal enemies.
    • Billy Bob Thornton is brilliantly repellent as a depressed, alcoholic, obscenity-spouting, safe-cracking department store Santa.
    • That enterprise led to what I thought was a particularly repellent burst of American / European chauvinism - a fantasy that there was nothing there before the Europeans arrived.
    • But aside from Edith Massey's masterful turn as Queen Charlotta, the whole repellent realm makes little sense.
    • Despite their repellent condition, they resemble ancient Britons.
    • Jerry also works the streets, pimping his old lady Stella to raise the cash to buy smack from the repellent drug lord, Fats.
    • As a film, it makes for difficult, almost repellent viewing.
    • And Flaus is marvellous in the role, making the eccentric, repellent Krapp a sympathetic figure.
    • This site-specific installation collectively and individually embodies a repellent familiarity.
    • The first third of the film intrigues us in a way that the remaining, explicitly repellent two thirds completely obliterates.
    • Where paint is applied, the woolly material takes on a tacky, repellent quality.
    • There is an especially repellent quotation highlighted in episcopal purple on the back cover.
    • National pride can be a repellent trait in musicians, but Davies throws you off balance here.
    • Uské's freakishness itself is still an oddity that nags one's curiosity, no matter how repellant he is.
    • Aside from the blunt-edged rockers, Smitten features an equally repellant set of languid piano pop.
    • Perhaps the most repellant scene in the movie, it quickly takes the ugly overtones of a rape scene as he forces himself into her.
    • As a result, the metamorphic forms have a simultaneously repellant and enticing effect.
    • Oil is generating plenty of income, while productivity is often abysmal and the quality of local products repellent.
  • 2

    (against insects, sharks)
    (spray/cream/pellets) repelente
    an insect-repellent spray un spray repelente de insectos
    • ‘This new repellent chemistry affords flexibility and choice for protection against a variety of disease vectors,’ says Klun.
    • Avoid using electronic repellent devices, mothballs or other unregistered products.
    • The repellent agent cannot gain anything from the washing materials agent.
    • Irrigate the area to be treated with 1/2 inch of water before applying the repellent solution and follow with 1 inch or more of water.
  • 3

    this fabric is repellent to water esta tela repele el agua