Translation of repertoire in Spanish:


repertorio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛpə(r)ˌtwɑr/ /ˈrɛpətwɑː/

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    repertorio masculine
    • He accompanied one of the dances, and his repertoire of bagpipe tunes is extensive.
    • This highly respected modern troupe danced an art-conscious repertoire in Chicago and during a Midwestern tour.
    • But to a dance aficionado, the repertoire presented by the popular troupe is inconsistent.
    • You can't fossilize a dance repertoire, but you can pickle it in a love that maintains its ongoing existence.
    • It has developed its own repertoire of liturgical dances and works dedicated to community needs.
    • Then there are the village folk or the agrarian community have their own repertoire of dances for every occasion.
    • New dance pieces were added to the existing repertoire and soon Kuchipudi gained popularity.
    • Asked about roles that he would like to dance, he highlighted the MacMillan repertoire.
    • These would simultaneously raise the caliber of its repertoire and extend the range of its dancers beyond the loveliness that, in art, is simply not enough.
    • During the week, they learn from the Limon repertoire, as well as selections from our current repertoire of other choreographers.
    • His repertoire will include songs by Allen, of course, as well as other hits from the '80s.
    • I hoped they would conclude that a true musician is one who performs at a high level of musicianship regardless of the repertoire's difficulty.
    • It calls, in part, for the addition of a different full-length ballet to the repertoire every other spring.
    • These works have subsequently become the most widely performed and appreciated in the Boyce repertoire.
    • Collaborations between dance and musical companies broaden audiences and enrich repertoire.
    • Will the classical ballets remain in the repertoire?
    • The tour repertoire, not finalized at press time, is expected to include Giselle and Coppelia.
    • But if one had to choose a single ballet from the classical repertoire as the best example of its kind, it might have to be The Sleeping Beauty.
    • As director he is besieged by the conflicting demands of his tours, his home repertoire and his guests.
    • Tomasson had created the lead role, but the work quickly disappeared from the repertoire because Robbins remained dissatisfied, despite repeated tinkering.