Translation of repetitive strain injury in Spanish:

repetitive strain injury

lesión por esfuerzo repetitivo, n.


(repetitive stress injury)
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    lesión por esfuerzo repetitivo feminine
    lesión por movimiento repetitivo feminine
    • A major benefit of Pilates is that it can be done by people of all ages and those suffering from injury, in particular bad back, scoliosis, repetitive strain injury, sciatica or most sports-related injuries.
    • The term that was used in the past to define this disorder was repetitive strain injury.
    • Tendonitis, which is associated with an occupation or a sport, is otherwise known as overuse injury or repetitive strain injury.
    • The UK government's refusal to recognise repetitive strain injury as a disease, suggested Martin Wilson of Glasgow, denied people financial help.
    • There also is information about women and repetitive strain injury and about how pregnancy, PMS, osteoporosis, a mastectomy and menopause can aggravate this condition.
    • Obviously, there's repetitive strain injury and reflex sympathetic dystrophy.
    • Soon a name describing this constellation of symptoms appeared in the medical literature: repetitive strain injury, or RSI.
    • Fortunately, she finally took a three-month rest from the cello and confessed to her teacher, Janos Starker, that she had been suffering from repetitive strain injury.
    • Specialist keyboards have been made to minimise repetitive strain injury by splitting the keyboard down the middle and angling each half toward each hand.
    • Docs said that it was the first case of computer-related repetitive strain injury they had ever seen in a child.
    • To avoid the risk of repetitive strain injury in your wrists, rest them on a wrist support and use a mobile keyboard, changing its position at regular intervals.
    • But a Sheffield specialist changed that to repetitive strain injury and after a week's rest Westwood is back in action at the Omega European Masters starting in Switzerland today.
    • But for now, anyone looking for a minimally grown-up female character among the pile-up of remakes, sequels and franchise movies is more likely to get repetitive strain injury.
    • And this time it isn't the ever-present evil of radiation that is being highlighted, but bad posture and an old favourite: repetitive strain injury.
    • In 1996, Henriques suffered repetitive strain injury which threatened her livelihood when her hands became so weak she could no longer type.
    • Patient wears a brace on his right wrist for repetitive strain injury.
    • The trouble is, I'm a bit of a veteran, having played both Tekken 2 and 3 to the point of repetitive strain injury.
    • And then there are the health worries of carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury and back problems.
    • It's a sobering thought that one in six computer users will develop some form of repetitive strain injury during their lifetime.
    • The closest thing we've ever got to exercise from a videogame was a spot of repetitive strain injury.