Translation of replaceable in Spanish:


reemplazable, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈpleɪsəb(ə)l/ /rɪˈpleɪsəb(ə)l/

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    the cups are easily replaceable las tazas se pueden reponer fácilmente
    • she knows she's replaceable sabe que no es irreemplazable / insustituible
    • human beings are not replaceable by robots los robots no pueden reemplazar / sustituir al ser humano
    • Experience is the only thing that is not replaceable by technology.
    • The speed, reliability and scalability of the network switch are directly attributable to the parallelism inherent in the solid-state chip implementation, the high-speed backplane and the replaceable blade design.
    • The computer server incorporates all of the features required for fault tolerant operation, including all redundant replaceable components and real-time guaranteed operation in the event of drive failures.
    • His apparently replaceable musical cohorts are polite and articulate, and their demeanour amply reflects the band's name - short for the very un-rock'n'roll call sign, Will Comply.
    • He knows that people are replaceable and not very important, and he proves this to himself by deleting them throughout his life.
    • Never name your kid/company something that has replaceable letters, ever.
    • Things such as redundant power supplies, field replaceable fans and multiple network interfaces are often supplied in target equipment intended for enterprise deployments.
    • Someone has to clean, and wait tables, and fold shirts at certain large companies, but those someones are treated like replaceable screws in a gigantic machine.
    • It runs on replaceable methanol cartridges.
    • There is a replaceable ink reservoir filled with a viscous fluid of either spirit-soluble or oil-soluble dyes.
    • PalmOne corrected that by moving to a replaceable battery, so you can always carry a spare.
    • The trend recently has been toward having a single replaceable toner and drum unit so that users don't have to get involved with the guts of their printer.
    • And it's added a multitude of models, including ones with replaceable heads.
    • This printer came with a replaceable toner cartridge that was not difficult to change, although it could sometimes bit a little messy.
    • The trend in mono printers recently has been towards having a single replaceable toner and drum unit so that users don't have to get involved with the guts of their printer.
    • These are all temporary and replaceable items.
    • Part of calculating the cost of owning a printer involves working out how many copies you get for what you spend on consumables, and especially the cost of replaceable units such as toner drums.
    • Standard windows are marine glazed with 1/2-inch insulated glass, insect screens, removable fixed or operating sashes, and replaceable nylon rollers with brass axles.
    • The replaceable lenses are cutting demand for lens solution, which accounts for more than half of the company's revenue.