Translation of reprieve in Spanish:


aplazamiento, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈpriv/ /rɪˈpriːv/

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  • 1

    aplazamiento masculine
    he was granted a reprieve of three days se le concedieron tres días de gracia
    • the building has been given a reprieve la demolición del edificio ha sido aplazada
    • An increased supply of rental accommodation has resulted in a welcome reprieve from spiralling rents for tenants around the country, and particularly in Dublin.
    • Those who cannot afford to buy bonds, or who prefer to invest in productive endeavors, must pay in future taxes for the reprieve of not being taxed in the present.
    • This may be a welcome reprieve, but taxpayers and their advisors should still consider the proposed rules when evaluating investments.
    • The bank won a reprieve by coming back to us with an offer we couldn't refuse.
    • Instead, after a reprieve in 1833, the central government engaged in more and more trade protectionism and centralized tyranny, which helped lead to war.
    • Worse, the reprieve came too late for the Glazers.
    • I actually laughed out loud during the scene, partly as a temporary reprieve from the tension, partly out of sheer admiration for Anderson's gifts.
    • However, the foreign earnings deduction, which is due to expire at the end of this month did not receive a reprieve.
    • The theater becomes a site of self-forgetfulness for audiences who experience a reprieve from disciplines associated with memory.
    • Another possible outcome is that global uncertainty could give the US dollar a reprieve from its recent slide.
    • I once spent hours sketching, a wonderful reprieve from the endless flow of words my work entails.
    • After many reprieves, the company, one of South Australia's biggest employers, may be consigned to history tonight.
    • Brief reprieves, however, from a society riven with sectarianism are possible by visiting some of Northern Ireland's wonderful countryside.
    • Instead, the film buckles under the weight of its subject matter and resorts to a blur of fraught chases, narrow scrapes and miraculous reprieves.
    • We had a brief reprieve earlier this week from the oppressive heat of the Washington summer, but the last couple days have been dangerously hot.
    • Instead, they have won reprieves because their economies are still developing.
    • From here it was basically downhill, though with occasional reprieves.
    • Despite these reprieves, the style of the show is somehow off, the music awkward, the direction formless.
    • Therefore, what they all need is a temporary reprieve, a carefully engineered environment of apparent dollar strength that will allow them to quietly unload what they could never openly propose to sell.
    • Where it hasn't been achieved, those hospitals have had discussions with the government and there's been reprieves, ‘he says.’
  • 2

    indulto masculine
    (esp de la pena de muerte) conmutación feminine
    he refused to grant / give a reprieve se negó a conceder el indulto
    • Official reprieves and pardons were not uncommon, and some such acts of mercy were purposely announced only when the convicted stood on the scaffold and spectators had assembled.
    • The president can grant reprieves and pardons (except in the case of impeachment).
    • He or she could grant pardons and reprieves, and, with the advice and consent of the Senate, make appointments and enter into treaties, subject to the approval of two-thirds of the senators present.
    • When Anabaptists in 1575 and Jesuits in 1581 were condemned to death, Foxe wrote vehement letters to Queen Elizabeth and her courtiers, begging reprieves.
    • An Estonian skier and a Latvian bobsledder gained late reprieves from drug bans on technicalities.
    • Local officials were prolific too in petitioning central government for pardons and reprieves for the condemned.
    • He has faced numerous anxious moments over the years, spending time in immigration detention centres and winning last-minute reprieves.
    • In the corner was a chipped jug, and on the walls were carvings in the stone, names, crude drawings of gladiators, in their armour, tallies of battles won, of reprieves granted.
    • Ibrahim recently received a reprieve when an Egyptian court released him and ordered a retrial - after a strong protest from the Bush Administration.

transitive verb

  • 1

    he was reprieved fue indultado
    • the firm has been reprieved for the time being por el momento, la empresa se salva del cierre