Translation of resistance in Spanish:


resistencia, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈzɪstəns/ /rɪˈzɪst(ə)ns/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(opposition)

      resistencia feminine
      resistance to sth/sb resistencia a algo/algn

      • resistance to change
      • to put up resistance
      • to meet with resistance (from sb/sth)
      • A resistance movement emerged on a scale that the military had not anticipated.
      • But many people said that it was the Italian resistance movement that liberated Italy from fascism.
      • But the hopes of the resistance movement - 80 percent Communist - were dashed.
      • However, there is no resistance movement to fuel such an uprising.
      • Communist groups throughout Europe had done little to assist any resistance movement in Nazi-occupied Europe.
      • Suddenly, the man, who as a 16-year-old was a member of the Polish resistance movement, fell to the ground on his knees clutching his chest.
      • What if this woman isn't the member of some resistance movement?
      • The Communist Party was at the heart of the resistance movement.
      • Poland's resistance movement could concentrate all its resources on a common enemy.
      • This was because of the Norwegian resistance movement, which managed to make some trouble for the Nazi occupation.
      • The Dutch resistance movement came about because of two simple facts - outrage that their country had been invaded and sheer horror at what happened to the Dutch Jews.
      • They seem to be running some sort of resistance movement.
      • The resistance movement of Greece played a relatively small part in the whole scheme of events in the eastern Mediterranean during World War Two.
      • A resistance movement targets the occupiers, not the occupied.
      • The resistance movement has pinned down our soldiers and contractors as enemy occupiers.
      • The leader of this resistance movement is a mysterious figure known only as Kuato.
      • She would, of course, provide a rallying point for any resistance movement, so she must be eliminated.
      • The Norwegian resistance movement played an important part in World War Two.
      • The resistance movement of Yugoslavia played an important role in World War Two.
      • He would be a freedom fighter, a resistance fighter.

    • 1.2(movement)

      (fighter) (before noun) de la resistencia
      the resistance la resistencia
      • the (French) Resistance la Resistencia francesa
      • the resistance movement la resistencia

  • 2

    resistencia feminine
    resistance to sth resistencia a algo
    • He'd leave the windows open in winter so we'd develop a resistance to cold.
    • The drugs used to prevent the body rejecting the new heart adversely weakened his resistance to infection.
    • Sorry to bring up smoking again, but smoking reduces your resistance to bugs, lowers the body's ability to expel the mucus and lengthens recovery time.
    • If your mouth is unhealthy, especially with gum disease, it overloads your health every moment of the day, lowering your resistance to all disease.
    • This heat dries out the skin and lowers its resistance to the sun.
    • She was given morphine and needed ventilation for her subsequent apnoea and to try to lower her pulmonary resistance to improve lung blood flow.
    • A healthier diet has also increased my resistance to colds.
    • They're naturally gifted with strong stomachs and a powerful resistance to viral and bacterial agents.
    • One of the many benefits of being 20 is the resistance to illness.
    • Systemic vascular resistance is increased, especially in the muscle and skin.
    • Most disease resistance traits are measured as one or more discrete characters.
    • Diabetes lowers your body's resistance to infections and slows your ability to heal.
    • Dietitians also recommend eating yogurt, which can help strengthen the body's resistance to infection.
    • Hypersensitivity responses play a major role in plant resistance to pathogens.
    • The gene content of chromosomal segments conditioning quantitative resistance to multiple pathogens was inspected.
  • 3

    • 3.1(to movement)

      resistencia feminine
      wind resistance la resistencia del viento
      • If the intent to stop this madness is forced to go through the path of resistance and violence, than so so be it.
      • Support for the so called resistance or newer anti-occupation forces will mean bloodshed on a much greater scale than there is at present.
      • The garrison of Kilkenny surrendered without putting up much resistance and Cromwell's forces entered the town without losing a man.
      • It broke down not because it met with stiff physical resistance from security forces but more because it was an ideological flop.
      • Where is the ethical norm that stipulates resistance against murderous force without any concern for one's own security?
      • Fighting raged in the capital on Sunday with forces meeting fierce resistance in their efforts to capture the city.
      • U.S. forces have cited armed resistance from inside the complex as the main reason they could not seal off the museum and prevent the looting.
      • But they have been saying for months that there could be civil unrest, there could be resistance with force of arms.
      • Security forces could employ the weapon to overcome resistance without resorting to force, their paramount aim.
      • To their surprise, though, they met significant resistance from loyalist forces.
      • However, there was no information on whether security forces had encountered resistance as they retook the town.
      • Three soldiers were killed as the coalition forces met fierce resistance.
      • Small groups must move rapidly to seize critical nodes in a building, while a follow-on force deals with remaining resistance.
      • Federal authorities vigorously enforced later drafts, employing sufficient military force to quell any resistance.
      • As the enemy resistance crumbled and forces melted away, more of the coalition's combat forces were assigned to other missions.

    • 3.2Electricity

      resistencia feminine
      • The voltage and/or resistance and thereby the temperature of each thermistor is measured at several second intervals.
      • Bolometers are devices whose electrical resistance changes with temperature.
      • Input resistance was measured as the voltage deflection induced by a - 0.5 or - 1.0 nA current pulse.
      • This means that the electrical resistance of the device can be changed dramatically using a very small magnetic field.
      • Although he did not express it in these terms, it had also been deduced from Aristotle's Physics that the velocity of a body was proportional to the force acting on it divided by the resistance.