Translation of resolution in Spanish:


determinación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌrɛzəˈluʃ(ə)n/ /rɛzəˈluːʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(decision)

      determinación feminine
      propósito masculine
      she made a resolution to give up smoking tomó la determinación de dejar de fumar
      • I hope you keep to your resolution espero que te mantengas firme en tus propósitos
      • New Year's resolutions buenos propósitos de Año Nuevo
      • Last night, the Senate passed, by voice vote, a resolution issuing a formal apology for failing to pass federal anti-lynching laws.
      • Unlike ordinary resolutions which are decided after taking account the proxy vote and show of hands at the meeting, all 7 resolutions were voted on by a poll.
      • When the board next meets on January 4, members will vote on a formal resolution to ban smoking in public.
      • Shareholders will vote on the resolutions at annual meetings this spring.
      • The meeting overwhelmingly passed a resolution threatening further industrial action if management persisted.
      • The meeting passed a resolution which supported direct action against the war.
      • At what was described as a general meeting the 1880 purchase was approved, and a special meeting passed a resolution declaring the trusts.
      • The campaign says it wants members to vote against a resolution expressing confidence in the managing director.
      • During the meeting six different resolutions were moved and passed.
      • To pass, the resolution will need nine votes without a veto from any of the permanent members of the Security Council.
      • The Council has also increasingly made use of opinions and resolutions as a way of pressuring the Commission into generating legislative proposals.
      • Activists need to call members' meetings where they pass resolutions calling for escalation of the action.
      • The resolution passed on a vote of 61 to 14 with 13 abstentions.
      • They need six more votes to pass the resolution.
      • The resolution passed by unanimous vote in the subcommittee.
      • The meeting passed a resolution authorising the party to enter into coalition arrangements with other parties.
      • Yesterday the legislature passed a resolution demanding that the Cabinet resume building the plant.
      • The secretary has pointed out repeatedly that all it takes is nine votes to pass a resolution, and he is sure that he has them.
      • Here the community used to have general meetings and approve resolutions.
      • There was a dispute at the meeting so the resolution was never passed.

    • 1.2(proposal)

      moción feminine
      to put a resolution presentar una moción
      • to adopt / pass a resolution aprobar una moción

    • 1.3(in US, passed by legislature)

      resolución feminine

  • 2

    resolución feminine
    determinación feminine
    • The victory will depend on courage, resolution, and a determination to defend what we value - leaders are right to remind us of this.
    • The world is a better place for the removal of his influence, of that I'm certain, but I feel it's a time for grim determination and resolution rather than cheering.
    • However, on the day, they showed such determination and resolution that nothing could stand between them and victory.
    • A crucial art of the political leader in a crisis is to mask his own fear with a calming projection to the public of certainty and resolution.
    • We will not initiate war, but if war is imposed on us, we will defend ourselves with the utmost resolution and determination.
    • Courage and resolution are the spirit and soul of his virtues.
    • After the collapse of the market the Federal Reserve System acted with resolution to absorb the shock.
    • The Civil Commissioners acted with resolution, but they were dogged by the problem of the ultimate legitimacy of their acts.
    • In general the frontier of Virginia was ravaged less than that of Pennsylvania, because the government of the former acted with resolution and dispatch in raising 1000 militia for defence.
    • She acted with resolution and looked very cool. This made me realized again that women could be very strong on such occasion.
  • 3

    (of problem, difficulty)
    solución feminine
    • The educator that violently hits his students in order to get them to conform or behave to his liking can surely not lay any claim to teaching of peaceful dispute resolution.
    • But what we want to see is not the use of force but the peaceful resolution of this matter, and that's in the hands of the Miami relatives.
    • The UN has never pretended to have a monopoly on the peaceful resolution of disputes.
    • In large part it has achieved its objectives, especially in promoting a cost-efficient, peaceful resolution of disputes.
    • Mediation and peaceful resolution of international disputes are again topical.
    • In such instances, there is an emphasis on the peaceful resolution of the dispute between the parties with reference, as necessary, to the Commission.
    • I was never completely clear on what it was they expected the government to do, and I don't think there was any real resolution to the matter, which dragged on for quite a while before any new music was released.
    • It is common these days to see workers resort to strike action at the slightest hint of disagreement during collective bargaining or resolution of any industrial matter.
    • I assure you the family will be pleased that there's been resolution in the matter.
    • We believe the key principles of cohesion are collective action, mutual understanding and the peaceful resolution of disputes.
    • It also settles for the peaceful resolution of conflicts anywhere in the world.
    • Thus, no matter what may have been previously decided in hearings or by the couple themselves, the divorce court can impart its own resolution on the matter.
    • The merits of international law and the peaceful resolution of disputes through courts were advanced by that process.
    • For most perpetual conflicts in marriages, what matters is not conflict resolution, but the attitudes that surround discussion of the conflict.
    • In recent years, I've been very involved in conflict resolution to solve community problems, which is currently how I earn a living.
    • Next time these parties meet to hash out national agreements, several contentious issues will need resolution.
    • Both of these seem to me matters which need resolution, and may not be capable of satisfactory control by conditions.
    • As president, he saw himself basically as decision maker in chief, the person to whom his aides brought major matters for final resolution.
    • You said, ‘Democracy… teaches cooperation, the free exchange of ideas, peaceful resolution of differences.’
    • It was a despicable crime and we are determined to do all that we can over the next few days to bring this to an early successful resolution.
  • 4

    resolución feminine
    definición feminine
    • The new altitude would multiply the resolution of the measurements that Cassini's instruments could make at Enceladus by a factor of nearly 6.
    • To measure this region, both the instrument resolution and photon statistics need to be improved.
    • The effect is due to the limitation of the instrumental resolution regarding the measurement of hydration water large-scale motions.
    • The resolution of the height measurement is mainly limited by the z-axis noise, which is normally a few tenths of a nanometer under standard imaging conditions.
    • So for many applications researchers turn to diffraction, which requires a crystal, but can achieve resolutions of a few angstroms or better.
  • 5

    resolución feminine
    • Mindlessly memorizing from the beginning of a phrase or section without analytical awareness of the cadence yields a lack of harmonic direction and resolution.
    • Traditionally, a musical climax is reached through the emotionally loaded swell of dynamics or harmonic resolution.
    • The return of the minor mode of the first aria at the conclusion provides dramatic resolution to the work where the poet's deceived heart is inflected with irony.
    • The intricacy of the music and the audacity of the joint improvisations take the explorations close to the edge, with changes of tempo and harmonies miraculously reaching resolution.
    • Classical music codas produce the anticipation of resolution.
  • 6

    desinflamación feminine
    resolución feminine
    • Treatment includes analgesics and physical therapy, with resolution of symptoms usually occurring in three to four months.
    • Improvement was defined as partial or complete resolution of clinical or subclinical symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy.
    • An indeterminate outcome was defined as resolution of signs and symptoms of infection with a need for continued antimicrobial suppression.
    • He had been treated for irritable bowel syndrome without resolution of symptoms.
    • Combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy resulted in complete resolution of the lesion and a long-term remission of more than 5 years.