Translation of resolve in Spanish:


resolución, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈzɑlv/ /rɪˈzɒlv/

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  • 1

    resolución feminine
    determinación feminine
    • Having taken our decision, this country will now pursue our aims with firm resolve and with determination.
    • This will require our country to unite in steadfast determination and resolve.
    • Very few of us have that firm resolve in ourselves to do what we are really passionate about.
    • And we fulfill our new role with a steely inner resolve regardless of what others may think.
    • I'm not sure whether my resolve is strengthened or destroyed by this.
    • We showed our cast iron resolve in this matter.
    • Leaders demonstrate unwavering resolve and set high standards for building great organizations, settling for nothing less.
    • But this side showed great resolve and conviction and by the interval had drawn level.
    • Instead of brushing up on their excuses, they should try stiffening their resolve.
    • And strikes can backfire: lack of public support can stiffen government resolve.
    • He won the first two frames and lost the third, which hardened his resolve.
    • There is no haste but only a firm resolve to complete the work in time.
    • Firm resolve showed in the set of his jaw as he picked her up gently.
    • Joe's resolve crumbled further as he nearly shook with rage.
    • Though outwardly he was composed, inwardly his resolve wavered.
    • Now I knew: She'd become a woman of iron resolve.
    • His steadfastness and resolve in the face of his critics are deserving of praise.
    • Her resolve instantly melting, Beth smiled at him and pulled out a chair.
    • I could feel my knees buckling and my resolve melting.
    • My resolve hardened and in one smooth motion I pushed open the door.
  • 2

    decisión feminine
    determinación feminine
    she made a firm resolve to … tomó la decisión / determinación de …
    • A resolution does not carry any force of law; it expresses the resolve of a legislative body by drawing attention and awareness to an important subject.
    • The successful outcome of this dispute will also serve as a warning to management who doubted the resolve of union members.
    • Meanwhile the resolve of some 18,000 engineers and technical workers to continue walking the picket lines remains strong.
    • We saw that the NATO members added their resolve to the resolve of the United States.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (clear up)
    (problem/difficulty) resolver
    (doubt/misunderstanding) aclarar
    • Sometimes, the most vexed problems are resolved through simple solutions.
    • It is a big concern but we are working very hard on a solution to try and resolve the matter before it goes to court.
    • Through that approach, persons with a dispute in the civil court are given the opportunity to resolve the matter with solutions that they devise.
    • If they fail to resolve the matter within 14 days they get a red card.
    • Police discussions have still not resolved the matter of who will pay the massive costs.
    • And I think everyone needs to come together to figure out how to resolve this problem.
    • She said when the problem was identified, they immediately reverted to the original configuration which resolved the problem within an hour.
    • Not surprisingly, these heated discussions did not resolve the matter to anyone's satisfaction.
    • There are also plans to establish a temporary cabin in the Market Place area staffed every day to answer queries and resolve problems.
    • To resolve problems concerning a water treatment unit, first try settling your dispute with the company that sold you the product.
    • Following the action, the education secretary promised to resolve the problem within two weeks.
    • In that case, with the promises made on curbing anti-social behaviour it should only be a matter of a short time before these problems are resolved.
    • There was no reply within that time and the matter was resolved by a letter dated June 25.
    • Surely, the right way to resolve these matters is through proper discussion between all the parties involved, and not to try and heap all blame onto one individual in public.
    • The service aims to give customers the knowledge, tools and confidence to resolve consumer problems themselves.
    • Merely locating the car parking area next to the substation will not resolve the problem.
    • Since I was not naming one person, it was clear I had not resolved the matter.
    • Because we take all such matters very seriously, we immediately resolved the problem, and do not expect it to be an issue going forward.
    • The same cast of mind also tended to seek simple, universal formulae to resolve any problem, no matter how complex.
    • She could only talk to a salesman, who gave her another number to call - the local delivery firm - before her problem was resolved.
  • 2

    to resolve to + inf resolver / decidir + inf
    • However, when he finally resolved on retreat a bizarre series of accidents enabled the Spaniards to occupy Bailén and cut off Dupont and a large portion of his army.
    • And it was for that reason, because of all that fear, and want, and confusion, that I had eventually resolved on asking him to be friends.
    • How can anger, or any other emotion or feeling, get someone to go against what they have deliberately resolved on doing?
    • I don't really think that Tom is suicidal, but I am concerned that he may have resolved on some form of action without thinking through all the consequences.
    • I immediately harvested all that were left, and resolved even more firmly that I'd demand a greater percentage at our next interspecies conference.
    • Of course, I resolved to eat there as soon as possible.
    • The same board meeting also resolved on the appointment of a new manager.
    • Seeing him, but firmly resolving not to speak to him, hurt more than he'd expected.
    • In the mean time, I resolved to let him decide what we should do together, and go along with it unless I thought it would have a negative impact on him somehow.
    • Someday, I resolved firmly, I would make him do something about that ponytail.
    • I resolved firmly that I would mull all this over later, and that today would not be a complete loss.
    • With this firmly resolved in her mind, she slipped from the manor proper and into the courtyard.
    • Having resolved to follow this course of action I contacted both England and Russia and formed an alliance to the detriment of Germany.
    • I refused to answer it and resolved to let it ring.
    • John's life has been cloaked in the shadow of this tragedy ever since and he resolves to save his father and alter the course of his own personal history.
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    (inflammation) resolver
    (inflammation) bajar
    • Giving capsules to children to resolve dietary deficiencies tells their families the problem is beyond their control.
    • The first priority of the dentist is to alleviate pain and resolve infection.
    • The patient was treated and the infection was resolved.
    • Both conditions were resolved without recourse to systemic corticosteroid.
    • A good portion of antibiotic use appears to be for viral or spontaneously resolving bacterial infections.
  • 5

    (chord/note) resolver
    • Thus Skalkottas, although continuing the motivic development, follows the essential principle of traditional sonata form and resolves the previous harmonic tensions.
    • Dissonant notes resolve in a conventional way, only to become part of an unexpected chord.
    • Generally speaking, notes resolve in the direction of their inflection: upward- inflected notes resolve up, and downward-inflected notes resolve down.