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respeto, n.

Pronunciación /rəˈspɛkt/ /rɪˈspɛkt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(esteem)

      respeto masculino
      she earned the respect of her students se ganó el respeto de sus alumnos
      • she lost our respect when … le perdimos el respeto cuando …
      • she should show him some respect debería tenerle más respeto
      • he is held in respect by all his colleagues es muy respetado por sus colegas
      • to command respect infundir / imponer respeto
      • Every party expressed its deep respect for her abilities as shown in that position.
      • I have found a new admiration and respect for what she has achieved.
      • The team he inherited had little respect for his achievements as a manager, but he sensed their indifference and weeded out the dissidents with minimal fuss.
      • She, meanwhile, develops deep respect for the old man.
      • Develop player and team respect for the ability of opponents, as well as for the judgement of referees and opposing coaches.
      • I have a profound sense of respect for the inherent qualities of these images and work outward from there.
      • She has deep respect for raw artistic talent and admits there is probably a frustrated artist in her trying to get out.
      • I realise I can't be one of them myself, but knowing that simply fills me with an even deeper level of respect for what they do.
      • Anyone who has ever been down a pit returns to the surface with deep respect for those who make a career of mining.
      • I have nothing but admiration and respect for you - on several counts.
      • The premier had ‘great admiration and respect for the work he had done over the last decade,’ he said.
      • My poetry teacher, who I have a huge amount of admiration and respect for, came with her son and daughter.
      • While all agree he is tough and prone to losing his temper, there is almost universal respect for his abilities as a soldier.
      • The town has great affection for him and great respect for his golfing abilities.
      • An outstanding scientist, he commanded great respect for both his abilities and also for his exceptional personal qualities.
      • I have great admiration and respect for these people, their unselfish act to understand and help people is above and beyond the call of duty.
      • People were simply showing their deep respect, their real admiration and their love for one they felt had touched their lives.
      • I have nothing but the deepest love and respect for these individuals.
      • In other words, he combined a thorough musical literacy with a deep appreciation and respect for ethnic music.
      • In 1902 he met d' Indy, who became his teacher and shared his deep respect for folk music.

    • 1.2(consideration)

      consideración femenino
      respeto masculino
      out of respect for her feelings por consideración / respeto hacia sus sentimientos
      • she has no respect for his wishes no tiene para nada en cuenta sus deseos
      • It also reflected a respect for standards and for the public with whom staff were in contact and it reinforced morale.
      • The nature of the conversation and the respect for elders reflects Chinese customs, particularly that of the young coming to the wise for advice.
      • I think that, when you work with somebody of that caliber there's just an immediate respect for him and his process.
      • The solution to this mutation of complex growth is to go back to basics, to the old virtues we know, the respect for individual countries and their mores and manners.
      • For all his occasional zaniness and bad positions on various issues, I've got a certain respect for him.
      • While both men are tenacious political strategists, they clearly have a healthy respect for one another.
      • A few years back charities and voluntary organisations had a mutual respect for one another's services and duplication did not happen.
      • James, 17, says boarding has allowed him to develop a close relationship and a respect for his teachers that he would not have had as a day pupil.
      • Perhaps a section of his constituency-to-be may even, on inspecting the images, develop a new respect for him.
      • Rugby League has not only preserved its identity, it is safeguarded by a genuine respect for its fans, rival teams, and even officials.
      • However, the Irish Seal Sanctuary said many local fishermen shared a respect for wildlife and nature.
      • With so many people here involved in the fishery, they tend to have a great respect for the terns, and for nature in general.
      • You can see a great respect for his subject in this picture.
      • I've known him and worked with him over the years and have a great respect for him.
      • Lebanese children grow up with deep respect for their parents.
      • According to Confucianism, one of the most important values is respect for elders.
      • Mutual respect was shown in many ways, especially in the conduct of boys toward one another.
      • As time passes, a grudging mutual respect develops.
      • You cannot learn anything if you do not pay due respect to your elders.
      • When people talk of the declining respect for elders, they're probably right.

    • 1.3respects plural

      respetos masculino
      give my respects to your parents saluda / dales saludos a tus padres de mi parte

  • 2

    (way, aspect)
    sentido masculino
    respecto masculino
    in some/many respects en algún sentido/en muchos sentidos / respectos
    • in all respects, in every respect desde todo punto de vista
    • in this respect en cuanto a esto

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  • 1

    (hold in esteem)
    (person/ability/achievement) respetar
    I respect him as a writer lo respeto como escritor
    • I admire and respect you for achieving all that you have over the years.
    • When the manager respects you for your ability and wants you in the team, your confidence rises and you want to repay him.
    • You are a universally admired and respected musician and songwriter.
    • They may not represent anyone in particular, but they are widely respected for their achievements.
    • He was respected and admired by all the people, yet he still managed to be one of them.
    • First of all, I'd like to tell him I admire and respect him as one of the very unique talents in television.
    • It is easy to admire and respect courage of this kind.
    • I highly admire and respect him for what he does and he highly respects me for what I do.
    • They also frequently find that they are not respected for their intellectual abilities.
    • I respect them and their abilities, they respect me and mine, and we all go home happy.
    • I admire and respect the wisdom, experience and discipline of old coaches.
    • She exudes life and fun; you can't help but admire and respect her.
    • Everyone respects a person who faces harsh realities and is prepared to make sacrifices.
    • You actually only have one book, but it's a really important book, and everyone respects you tremendously.
    • If you take time to be polite and speak in Spanish, everyone respects you.
    • He was deeply respected and had a wide circle of friends who regarded him with fond affection.
    • We should value and respect people who give of their time.
    • People respected her honesty and forthright manner, qualities which endeared her to all.
    • A most well liked and respected person, Marian's passing is deeply regretted by many.
    • I respect you greatly and very much admire what you have achieved in so many places.
  • 2

    (have consideration for)
    (feelings/wishes) respetar
    (feelings/wishes) tener en cuenta
    • So surely that gives you the right to expect them to respect your feelings.
    • We regard ourselves as a compassionate, tolerant society that respects the rights of others.
    • And I hope you'll respect my wishes, and stop reading this site, and let us go our separate ways.
    • The family said they now hoped the media would respect their wish for privacy to be left alone to grieve.
    • In such cases, the bride's parents' wishes are often highly respected by the other family.
    • His wish has been respected and his remains have been conveyed back to the land of his birth.
    • They should be given the respect that such a title signifies, but they also have to respect your feelings and fears as well.
    • So if Polly wants Phil to remain her friend she needs to respect his feelings.
    • I give you my assurance that your wishes will be respected.
    • If the arrested British citizen does not want any consular services, this wish will be respected.
    • The trustees can be expected to respect these wishes once there is no family or appropriate person to whom the money should be paid.
    • Both generations should respect each other's views and be accommodating.
    • Responsible smokers will respect he wishes of others.
    • People with dementia might have capacity to make this particular decision, and their views should be respected.
    • He still has a long way to go in his recovery and his family have asked that his privacy continue to be respected.
    • Likewise, please respect my wish for anonymity as I will respect yours, if that is what you desire.
    • The hospital refused to disclose the identity of the donor, saying the wishes of the child's family had to be respected.
    • Every pupil has the right to have his dignity respected, the regulations state.
    • Such a concept of respecting the elders was also strongly promoted by ancient philosophers.
    • Is there an interference with the right to respect for private life in this case?
    • It is right that the culture and environment should be so respected.
    • What I do want is for the lake and its environs to be respected, preserved, protected and enhanced for future generations.
    • It was no doubt helpful that he grew in a household with other users, in circumstances in which quiet was respected and desirable.
    • Footpaths provide a safe environment for pedestrians and should be respected by all.
    • Although we now know better, it's a nice story - asking us to respect and nurture the environment.
    • They expressed the hope that the flowers will continue to be respected.
  • 3

    (law/rule/authority) respetar
    (law/rule/authority) acatar
    • If the Commission wins, the Court will merely declare that the member state has failed to respect the particular legal obligation.
    • English courts generally respect the legal form the parties impose on a transaction and do not recharacterize it in another way.
    • He gave Quebec six months to start changing its forestry laws to respect the 25-year-old agreement.
    • The law has to be respected and the electoral process has to be honoured, even if an external agency acts as honest broker.
    • And the law should respect such a stipulation in commercial negotiations.