Translation of respective in Spanish:


respectivo, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈspɛktɪv/ /rɪˈspɛktɪv/

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    their respective spouses sus respectivos cónyuges
    • All lyrics used at the beginning of each chapter belong to their respective songwriters.
    • This requires a review of current antenatal education and the respective roles of caregivers.
    • Maybe the respective disciplines have differing aims anyway and can't be synthesised?
    • Here, the conduct of the parties and their respective interests are relevant.
    • Though similar points are raised in respect of each of them their respective terms are different.
    • The paths that landed the two men in their respective positions are markedly different.
    • In fact the two cousins have gone very separate routes in amassing their respective fortunes.
    • Both were child prodigies in chess, quickly rising to their respective nations' top slots.
    • He said they should be removed from their respective positions as soon as possible.
    • We were sent papers independently to read in advance, to come to a meeting for us to share our respective views.
    • Both of these explanations have been refined and drawn out by adherents of the respective theories.
    • I called my sister and mom to make sure that everyone was safe in their respective homes.
    • We discuss the news and agree to keep in touch by telephone and then disperse to our respective apartments.
    • There are great prizes to be won by both the children and their respective schools.
    • Hardly any of the games are supported by their respective local authorities.
    • We were both starting out in our respective careers which happened to be in the same field.
    • Reviews suggest that they're good, but not the best in their respective series.
    • These developments have met with a mixed reaction in the respective countries.
    • To my mind, all four represent their respective artists at their creative peak.
    • Moreover, all of them finished in the top dozen of their respective events.