Translation of resplendent in Spanish:


resplandeciente, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈsplɛndənt/ /rɪˈsplɛnd(ə)nt/

Definition of resplandeciente in Spanish


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    resplendente literary
    • The colourful crackers looking resplendent on a moonless night was an impressive work.
    • This national event is about tribal and folk life in all its resplendent beauty and colour in the country.
    • It was August and the mountain sides were resplendent in Fall colours.
    • It was quite a crowd, radiantly resplendent in displays of unearthly power and beauty.
    • The sunset was breathtaking, even more resplendent than we had imagined it would be.
    • By the end of the two days the tree will be resplendent with new creative growth in symbolic colours reflecting the four seasons of the year.
    • The pump looks resplendent in a new coat of red paint and overlooks a limestone trough filled with luscious red and purple flowers.
    • A deep sapphire blue in the afternoon sun, with a few sailing boats criss-crossing its waters, the loch was resplendent.
    • The children were resplendent in their outfits and were an absolute credit to their parents and teachers.
    • The bride was resplendent in a meringue of epic proportions.
    • It was a resplendent day, a day much like this one, and I was the only person on the bus besides the driver.
    • Even before the game they encountered problems when they emerged, resplendent in their new jerseys.
    • We have seen hordes of elderly foreign tourists in resplendent clothing taking pictures of scenic spots.
    • Apart from that, she was a picture of dignity and grace, with the kind of beauty that grew resplendent with age.
    • Everyone looked resplendent and memories of the day will last a lifetime.
    • In the right sunlight it looks resplendent, its golden walls reflected in the harbour in the foreground
    • It was shiny from top to toe, resplendent with black beads and sequins so that it glimmered and glistened.
    • The host and hostess, as well as the embassy staff, looked resplendent in national costume.
    • Five years ago, all this was scarcely noticeable beneath the grime and decay; today it is resplendent.
    • Helen and Philip were blessed with a beautiful day, with the church looking resplendent.