Traducción de respondent en Español:


demandado, n.

Pronunciación /rəˈspɑndənt/ /rɪˈspɒnd(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    demandado masculino
    demandada femenino
    (in an appeal) apelado masculino
    (in an appeal) apelada femenino
    • Very well, and these other affidavits, I take it, are affidavits filed by the respondent.
    • The appellant's second ground of appeal is that the respondents are not suitable to be the donor's attorneys.
    • The first respondents to the appeal must pay the appellant's costs of the application.
    • Whether the respondents cross petition against the petitioners was demurrable and should be struck out.
    • The statutory amendments shift the evidential burden of proof to the respondent if the complainant proves what he or she is required to prove at the first stage.
  • 2

    (to questions)
    encuestado masculino
    encuestada femenino
    • Always be clear about how you want respondents to indicate their replies when answering closed questions.
    • The questionnaire invited respondents to comment on each of the 31 indicators.
    • At two years follow up we sent a postal questionnaire to those respondents who had been free of forearm pain at baseline.
    • The cover letter explained that there were no codes that could be used to link a completed questionnaire to a particular respondent.
    • Each respondent then dropped the questionnaire into the store's ballot box.
    • Almost one fourth of the respondents replied that it was cheaper than they expected.
    • The first part contains questions designed to collect basic demographic information regarding the respondent.
    • The research team administered the questionnaires verbally to each respondent.
    • With the information thereby obtained, a main respondent was designated, who then completed a household questionnaire.
    • The respondents requested information on a number of occasions; this was not forwarded to them.
    • Completion of the questionnaire constituted informed consent from the respondent.
    • Denominators vary because not all respondents answered all questions.
    • Among the questions, respondents were asked to name their top three business role models.
    • We did not question respondents about why they did not use the internet, and so can say little on this issue.
    • Each respondent answered three questions, of which only the last concerned Mars.
    • Much remains to be learned about how respondents go about answering written questionnaires.
    • The first question asks the age at which respondents believe old age begins.
    • After you finish question 12, thank the respondent for their time and offer them the info sheet that explains more about this study.
    • The questioning also includes queries about how prepared the respondent would be to pay extra in order to speed up improvements to the water network.
    • A few respondents thought they might be missing out on potentially interesting information.