Translation of restriction in Spanish:


restricción, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈstrɪkʃ(ə)n/ /rɪˈstrɪkʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    restricción feminine
    restriction on sth
    water restrictions were introduced se impusieron restricciones en el consumo de agua
    • subject to restrictions sujeto a restricciones
    • without restriction sin restricciones
    • speed restrictions were imposed se redujo el límite de velocidad
    • reporting restrictions were lifted se levantó el bloqueo informativo
    • One feature that is absent from current regulation is any general restriction on campaign expenditure.
    • Often the speed restrictions in rural villages extend out into the countryside.
    • Aren't free markets supposed to need a free flow of capital and labour, and not restrictions of labour mobility?
    • Prices are not guaranteed, but imports are constrained by levies and restrictions.
    • Are restrictions imposed on foreign nationals opening a bank account?
    • To make matters worse, fuel shortages put restrictions on how far people could travel.
    • Before you apply for any new savings account, check the terms and conditions for any catches or restrictions.
    • In rural areas, women must contend with cultural and legal restrictions on health care.
    • Then in the 1970's travel restrictions were eased and she was able to come to the United States.
    • He examines how campaigns work and what restrictions are placed on them by legislation and public opinion.
    • It would be more difficult to introduce the restrictions later, having first learned the game without them.
    • There are no legal restrictions on who can marry except for marriages between close relatives.
    • The movement's main thrust, however, was to seek legislative restriction of the liquor traffic.
    • This restriction is not law, there is no regulation maintaining secrecy of the discussions in the room.
    • A recent form of regulatory water-use restriction is the imposition of specific water-use technologies in building codes.
    • No aquatic herbicide is currently approved for submerged weed control that does not place some restriction on the use of the treated water.
    • Legal restrictions on who could buy a book, visit a museum, hear a concert were gradually lifted.
    • There are ten of us, and we are the ones that look over every new law and restriction that the government proposes.
    • There were significant restrictions on the freedom of individuals to question or reject church doctrine.
    • It also means that you can now apply for credit without the restrictions a bankruptcy order imposes.