Translation of retail in Spanish:


vender al por menor, v.

Pronunciation /ˈriteɪl/ /ˈriːteɪl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    vender al por menor
    vender al detalle
    vender al detall
    vender al detal
    • In addition to selling direct to his neighbors, Grant retails the products of his farm at a number of local farmers' markets and food co-ops.
    • It's not just ‘Dave selling bandwidth,’ but Dave retailing the services of a top-notch provider.
    • Further, there is little hard evidence available on the output of provision grounds and gardens, and much of this produce was in any case retailed by the slaves in public markets and not necessarily consumed or exchanged for food items.
    • Of course, Amazon is about much more than books and music, thanks to its decision to move into retailing a vast array of products.
    • In these promotions, the state rewarded consumers with material things and consumers aided the state through consumption of items produced or retailed by state enterprises.
    • But niche retailing is not about retailing a single product but a specialisation in a particular product type.
  • 2

    (pass on)
    • His work, completed about 1469, retailed the story as a tragedy.
    • I proceeded to retail my meeting with Derek from beginning to end; Jenny listened eagerly, chewing on the nail of her index finger.
    • He therefore lays little stress on geographical wonders, and in searching for detailed information retails long passages of by then out-of-date description, which can make the interpretation of his evidence very hazardous.
    • It is against this backdrop of an already emerging consensus that we must evaluate the famous anecdote retailed by Jefferson about the dinner bargain that set the capital on the Potomac.
    • Sorensen retails an anecdote of Smollett walking with another Scot in London around the time of the battle of Culloden, their swords drawn, Smollett warning his companion to keep his mouth shut lest the mob recognize his Scottish accent.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    venderse al por menor
    venderse al detalle
    venderse al detall
    venderse al detal
    it retails at $85 su precio al público es de 85 dólares


  • 1

    venta al por menor feminine
    venta al detalle feminine
    venta al detall feminine
    venta al detal feminine
    retail price precio de venta al público
    • retail price maintenance fijación del precio de venta por parte del fabricante
    • retail outlet punto de venta al por menor / al público
    • the retail trade el comercio minorista


  • 1

    al por menor
    al detalle
    al detall
    al detal
    can you get these goods retail? ¿estos productos se pueden comprar al por menor (or al detalle etc.)?