Translation of retaliation in Spanish:


represalias, n.

Pronunciation /rəˌtæliˈeɪʃ(ə)n/ /rɪˌtalɪˈeɪʃn/


  • 1

    represalias feminine
    in retaliation for the bombing en / como represalia por el bombardeo
    • the opposition party's retaliation was swift la respuesta / el contraataque de la oposición no se hizo esperar
    • They don't want to speak out for fear of losing their business through governmental retaliation.
    • The Americans have not executed prisoners in retaliation for assassinations.
    • Hitters dig in, knowing they need not worry about retaliation.
    • The soldiers who spoke to the newspaper chose to remain anonymous, fearing retaliation from the Pentagon.
    • Obviously, the revealing investigative reports into the dark side of society triggered the retaliation.
    • Evidently, power or class differentiation precludes such direct retaliation.
    • In the case of community policing, there is often the additional cost of possible retaliation from criminals in the community.
    • Lorien thought darkly, to be able to hold hands, to kiss, to say I love you out loud without fear of retaliation.
    • Justice will not be rendered; only retaliation can be expected.
    • A specimen of the practical nature of his retaliation occurred early in 1859.
    • Professor Rodriguez had been horrified by all the calls for massive retaliation: " Not in my son's name you don't.
    • Enraged by the retaliation, the Lady hit her sister twice across the forehead.
    • Dent to resign in retaliation for their efforts to bring financial problems to light.
    • The lockout was in retaliation against industrial bans imposed by employees for a 15 percent pay increase over three years.
    • In retaliation of the threats, Roseanne herself had threatened to leave the network, taking her highly-rated series with her.
    • Several other students did not want their names used for fear of retaliation.
    • Anyway, I'm feeling a bit guilty now about the loud guitar feedback that was my retaliation.
    • The European Commission has already drawn up two lists of goods it intends to hit in retaliation for the US steel tariff.