Translation of reticent in Spanish:


reticente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛdəsənt/ /ˈrɛtɪs(ə)nt/

Definition of reticente in Spanish


  • 1

    to be reticent about sth
    • Like others who are naturally reticent and introverted he was able, says Dimbleby, to lose himself in the disciplined freedom of performance.
    • Turner was famously reticent regarding his private life.
    • He was unusually withdrawn and reticent during that time, until suddenly, the more public horror of world events seemed to shock him out of it.
    • I like his chamber works best, a genre most suited to his essentially modest and reticent artistic nature.
    • Dann wondered why Kiv was so reticent about revealing his master plan.
    • He never wanted anything from life and was a quiet, reticent man not given to violence.
    • Yet, although he may seem a bit reticent, he certainly is not a recluse.
    • Intolerable Cruelty is a movie in which the brothers' distinctive presence is quite reticent and discreet in terms of script.
    • The other streak that Gould does not mention in these essays is a streak of his own, though his publishers are not so reticent.
    • Unfortunately the book is also reticent; it is remarkable for what is not included.
    • Of course, if gambling in groups doesn't appeal to your reticent nature, most of these games are also available in the single player mode.
    • In other respects, he is famously reticent, averse to showmanship and actually something of a camera-shy recluse.
    • Their performances are at once reticent and emotionally-charged.
    • Aware of the potential for ridicule, or for having their sanity questioned, protesters are naturally reticent about discussing these experiences.
    • The spendthrift ways of provincial governments have made international lending agencies reticent to loan desperately needed cash.
    • When it comes to looking for money from the government, technology business people are no more reticent than farmers, fishermen or teachers.
    • It's reticent because it lacks the authority to be declarative.
    • Ten years and a lot of reticent memories after, their winding roads are finally coming to that familiar intersection once more.
    • He's reticent on succession plans, except to say that a Japanese would increase motivation among employees.
    • Precisely because many Ghanaians are reticent about expressing love, a special day dedicated to love is prized.