Translation of retirement in Spanish:


jubilación, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈtaɪ(ə)rmənt/ /rɪˈtʌɪəm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (from job) jubilación feminine
    (from job) retiro masculine
    (from the military) retiro masculine
    he took up pottery in his retirement cuando se jubiló empezó a hacer cerámica
    • early/compulsory retirement jubilación anticipada/obligatoria
    • he took early retirement se jubiló anticipadamente
    • he's coming up to / for retirement le falta poco para jubilarse
    • she went into retirement after the Olympic Games se retiró después de las Olimpíadas
    • the old engines were brought out of retirement volvieron a poner en servicio los viejos motores
    • retirement benefit prestación por jubilación
    • Many members were retired or nearing retirement and interested in seeing the co-op's assets sold so that they could get their share of the proceeds.
    • Typically, the owners are people nearing retirement who've spent two or three decades building their businesses with tender loving care.
    • Baby boomers nearing retirement are spurring demand for fixed-income securities.
    • The general shop owner was near retirement and he was the first to close.
    • In fact, retirement counseling has emerged as an important area for executive coaches.
    • Young investors just starting out or older investors nearing retirement may have to make changes in their retirement plan.
    • As they enjoy well-deserved retirement, who is stepping up to take their place?
    • He is much keener to talk more about his life after retirement from politics.
    • On the one hand, faculty retirements give institutions flexibility to reconstitute their faculty in the years ahead.
    • Employees who were approaching retirement or who underperformed for significant periods of time would be accommodated and tolerated rather than summarily dismissed.
    • If you think retirement at age 65 isn't a realistic goal, you might be right.
    • So is a proposal that would have eliminated retirement at age 50 for anyone who had been with the company for 25 years.
    • If you are closer in age to retirement or if your children will need money for university soon, you should be taking on less risk.
    • Cazes retired from his official day job three years ago, when he reached the French legal age of retirement.
    • The ideal is to remain with the same company until retirement around age sixty.
    • The study also predicts that by 2010 the average age of retirement will rise to 72.
    • But the age of retirement traditionally has represented a kind of financial cliff.
    • Many are at the peak of their careers, approaching retirement, starting a second career or opening a business.
    • Self employed people can defer retirement until the age of 75.
    • After a brief period in the country, Stone returned to Sydney, where he continued as a teacher at inner-city schools until his retirement in 1931.
  • 2

    (from race, match)
    abandono masculine
    • First Gary Kasparov, on anybody's short list of the greatest players of all time, announced his retirement from competitive play earlier this year.
    • A week ago, champion Lennox Lewis, age 38, announced his retirement.
    • The national fascination with Bradman did not cease with his retirement from the field of play; and it shows no sign of abating.
    • The former Indian seam bowler, Venkatesh Prasad, has announced his retirement from cricket.
    • Speaking about his imminent retirement from international football, the legendary player was content.
    • Jimmy Adams has been replaced by Carl Hooper, who has just ended a two-year self-imposed retirement from international cricket.
    • Roy Keane will promptly confirm his retirement from international football, but Kerr will stay on.
    • Most runners are already planning their retirements by their early 30s.
    • Gehrig had an off-season and was in fact a year from retirement.
    • The veteran French defender had been mulling over a new one-year contract put together to postpone his retirement from football.
  • 3

    (of troops)
    retirada feminine
    repliegue masculine