Translation of retreat in Spanish:


batirse en retirada, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈtrit/ /rɪˈtriːt/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    (forces/army) batirse en retirada
    (forces/army) retirarse
    (forces/army) replegarse
    management retreated from their position la dirección dio marcha atrás en cuanto a su postura
    • the waters are retreating las aguas están bajando
    • winter is retreating before the warmth of spring el invierno está cediendo paso a la primavera
    • I just received word that the enemy forces are retreating.
    • The First Shock Army was retreating along a narrow corridor between two series of hills.
    • When daylight arrived, scouting parties would work their way up over the hill in order to determine exactly how far the Army had retreated.
    • The French army retreated towards the River Marne and it was here that both German and French armies fought out the first major battle on the Western Front.
    • The Union troops plodded back to Washington, and Lee's army retreated to Richmond.
    • All ships must retreat, as the enemy force is too large for us to tackle in our current status.
    • Massena attempted to lay siege to Torres Vedras, but after four months his army, starved and demoralized, was forced to retreat.
    • With Prussian support uncut, the Russian army in Warsaw marched into Silesia forcing Italy to retreat.
    • Now, however, in the wake of this second wave of attack, they were retreating, having realized defeat.
    • Throughout the early hours of the battle, the warriors repeated this action in an attempt to collapse Carter's line and force him to retreat across the river.
    • This ill-fated attempt resulted in the death of several men under Pryor's command and forced the survivors to retreat downriver.
    • General Robert E. Lee narrowly escaped defeat this battle and the lack of men caused him and his army to retreat back in to Virginia.
    • With winter coming on, Napoleon finds his invasion stalled and he is forced to retreat from Russia.
    • General Das receives word that Civantor has been forced to retreat from Canterbury.
    • The ensuing battle was short and decisive; although both Wolfe and Montcalm were fatally wounded, the French retreated and Quebec fell.
    • Each charge was fast and quick, with the Indians retreating almost as soon as the gunfire erupted from the rocks.
    • In the summer of 1915 the Russian army retreated on its southwest front.
    • In the winter of 1778, Washington's ragged army had retreated here to regroup.
    • Knights of both kingdoms clashed for what seemed like half a day, and in the end, the remaining Sunfall knights fell back and retreated.
    • I gave the order to retreat after half of the squadron was destroyed.


  • 1

    retirada feminine
    repliegue masculine
    they were ambushed on the retreat les tendieron una emboscada cuando se batían en retirada
    • such attitudes are now on the retreat tales actitudes están desapareciendo
    • our forces are in retreat nuestras tropas se están batiendo en retirada
    • morality is in retreat vivimos un período de decadencia moral
    • Sounding the retreat in late September 1903, Harrison signaled the surrender of the professional politicians.
    • And soon the birds were flying everywhere signaling the retreat.
    • Even now, as she rested and waited for the signal to begin the retreat, the color on Guo's mantle did not even fade slightly.
    • Sometimes, I wanted to sound a general retreat.
    • For the moment, none of these players is sounding a retreat.
    • He opened his mouth and breathed deeply, gathering oxygen into his lungs with which to sound the retreat.
    • The victors pursued the fleeing enemy, killing and capturing as many as they could, until trumpets sounded the retreat.
    • There he held on for a time but with the Indians gaining ground he sounded a retreat and we recrossed the river.
    • Once one enemy squad is thoroughly decimated, the computer will automatically sound a retreat.
    • In minutes, the once organised starguard lines had fallen into disarray, and the retreat was sounded.
    • Ronin surmised that no one had escaped the fight unscathed, and he began wondering if he should've called a retreat in the first place.
    • Civantor, know the future value of his horse regiments, orders the retreat.
    • A call for retreat issued from somewhere in Elvish, followed by a horn, a single ringing note that bellowed over the clash of weapons and roars of beasts.
    • They seemed to have made a cowardly retreat and were most likely shivering in fear from the sound of her giant robot's earth-shaking footsteps.
    • Barely seconds into the conflict, and already the defenders are in retreat.
    • These can weaken the enemy, forestall his attack, and potentially force his retreat.
    • On the evening of 4th July, under cover of sheeting rain, he set his men in retreat towards Virginia.
    • The later Middle Ages was a period when royal feudal rights are usually considered to have been in retreat in England.
    • The battle raged for nine hours, but at midnight Napoleon ordered a retreat.
    • Hector and his stalwart Trojan army force the Greeks into a retreat.
    • As the Union retreat continued, a mammoth bottleneck developed at Frayser's Farm, halting the withdrawal.
    • The fusillade to protect his retreat began and as he went, keeping low, he dragged with him the spool of wire to be connected to the detonator.
    • It is true that the national assembly, and in particular its government ministries, continued to be dominated by wealthy notables, but the landed magnates were in retreat.
    • The Jacobites managed an orderly retreat and William's forces were in no condition to pursue.
    • He pictured himself now, crawling in the mud of a ditch, filthy and wretched, scampering in retreat.
    • The military archives yielded much more information on the retreat of Napoleon's Grand Army across Germany in 1813.
    • Michaela almost took a step back in retreat but she checked herself and lifted her chin.
    • First looking at Maria, then back at Erik, the man's weapon hand began to shake apprehensively as he started to take several steps in retreat.
    • We do not yet know whether different stages of a battle, such as the initial salvos, a fighting retreat and a rout, have different archaeological signatures.
    • There may seem little hope in fighting, but there is still less in retreat.
    • Natalya quickly followed after her brother in retreat, deciding to flee and live to fight yet another day.
    • Last night the cavalry covered the retreat of the last troops from Manassas, though there was hardly any opposition, if any at all.
    • However, surrounding tribes rose up and forced a desperate retreat through mountainous country.
  • 2

    • 2.1(place)

      refugio masculine
      their country retreat su refugio en el campo
      • The elegant Mahogany Room piano bar offers a quiet retreat overlooking the adjacent brick courtyard.
      • He wanted a quiet retreat to build his house upon and concentrate on his work.
      • The central court is conceived as the largest room in the house, providing a common area and a sheltered retreat in summer.
      • The original Auroran settlers had landed in the location that was now the park and decided to keep it as a peaceful retreat in the centre of the city.
      • He needed a place to escape to, a retreat, a haven.
      • Another building, the so-called ‘Maritime Villa’, has been interpreted as a place of quiet retreat for the Emperor.
      • The rich colours and ever-changing light of the surrounds make this an ideal setting for a rural retreat, and outdoor activity centre.
      • Delphi Mountain Resort and Spa is a luxury retreat which offers rejuvenation in a wilderness setting.
      • Cool and relaxing, the forest was a refreshing retreat from the muggy, crowded streets and alleyways of the now often crowded town.
      • He spends most weekends at a hideaway retreat near Powerscourt Waterfall that he bought about two years ago from Dublin businessman Harry Crosbie.
      • Within commuting distance of Dublin, the property could also be used as a country retreat or maintained as a family run bed-and-breakfast.
      • He had offered her her choice of splendid apartments downtown, but he had also suggested the country, as a retreat.
      • The client wanted a weekend retreat, with space for guests, which would respond to the beauty of the setting.
      • The gentle breezes, lulling waves, and general island calm create a perfect setting for a regenerative retreat.
      • The first two weeks of the Academy were spent in splendid isolation, with the group based in a country retreat in Wiltshire.
      • The cabin was right across from a lake, the perfect writer's retreat.
      • Les Chenes was an ideal location for an artist's retreat.
      • Powerscourt Paddocks should generate interest among families seeking a rural retreat within commuting distance of Dublin.
      • Fuchsia, blackthorn, limestone and seashore combine to make this a truly idyllic location, perfect as a weekend retreat or holiday home.
      • He has transformed his house from drab and ordinary into an artist's retreat.

    • 2.2Religion

      retiro espiritual masculine
      ejercicios espirituales masculine
      to go on a retreat hacer un retiro espiritual
      • One can thus expand the definition of ‘adventure’ to include Zen meditation retreats, cello lessons, or medical school.
      • During this time he also made pilgrimages to Sri Lanka, India, China, and Nepal to visit Buddhist sites and for meditation retreats.
      • Bishop Robinson will be in Ireland in October to address the annual retreat of the diocese of Limerick and Killaloe in the Dingle Skelligs hotel.
      • Since it was difficult to adhere to the advice imparted by visions, men and women went on annual fasts or retreats to renew the vision and reflect on their lives.
      • In Indian legend, every rishi, or yogi, who possesses divine power has a retreat in the mountain vastness of the Himalayas.
      • I had a little altar in my room, sat for an hour a day and regularly attended one-day retreats.
      • Silent meditation retreats, I've discovered, are helpful for some people and not for others.
      • The number of Catholics who attend the annual retreat has swelled.
      • Teaming up with celebrity stylist Louise O'Connor, Rita promises her clients the escapism of a modern day Zen retreat.
      • His recovery programme goes on to embrace detox, rehab and Buddhist meditation retreats.
      • We had just spent a pleasant day on Belle Mare beach, splashing in crystal clear water across the street from a local ashram, the Asian version of a spiritual retreat.
      • The most fervent Jansenists opted for a life of severe self-denial and constant prayer, in retreat from the world.
      • Living in retreats in secluded areas they have silently and unceasingly guided the evolution of humanity through the work of their disciples.