Translation of retriever in Spanish:


perro cobrador, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈtrivər/ /rɪˈtriːvə/


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    perro cobrador masculine
    • Prior to the 1800s, European hunters maintained a large collection of dogs - pointers to locate the game; setters and retrievers to retrieve it; hounds to trail quarry over long distances.
    • Spaniels, terriers, retrievers - each breed has a different personality.
    • Large dogs, such as retrievers, Dobermans, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks, make great running mates because they've been bred to have long, graceful strides and sturdy joints.
    • The essence of versatility and intelligence, Weimaraners have been used as bird dogs and water retrievers and have also been used on wolves, wild cats, deer, mountain lion and bear.
    • She pushed Sampson's nose away as the retriever attempted to play with the frenzied bird in the girl's arms.
    • Many of the early poodles were retrievers who spent a great deal of time in the water.
    • In appearance, the dogs took a number of forms; retriever sized long muzzled hounds, heavily built greyhounds, border collies, Alsatian crosses and some forms of ‘lap dog’, probably small mongrels.
    • If you don't have an active life, for instance, don't purchase a breed that needs a lot of exercise such as hounds, retrievers and shepherds.
    • I've lived in a second story apartment for the last 10 years, and we've had several dogs: one basset hound, two Rottweilers, and a flat coated retriever.
    • It cut its teeth on water rat, badger, otter and fox in its native Yorkshire, England, then proved to be an excellent watchdog and retriever, too.
    • Many people love their retrievers and their sunny dispositions around children and adults.
    • Through my thirst for knowledge about this breed of dog, I read a lot of books about Chesapeake Bay and its retrievers, never realising that one day I would visit the place to fish for striper bass.
    • The retriever looked indecisive, constantly bouncing forward to the house, but always stopping short of yanking the leash out of Gale's hand and running back to her side.
    • The retriever sniffed with cautious curiosity at the doctor's legs, and Julien stood there, looking passively at the dog.
    • Like the good retriever he is, Baxter pulls at the woman's clothing, dragging her into Frank's view.
    • The retriever was stretched out on the back seat, and she wanted to impress upon the dog that he must remain there.
    • With its streamlined body and long legs, the Mudhol can beat any retriever or gundog from overseas.
    • On the main street, Ocean Avenue, a few people are out walking their retrievers.
    • Lucy, the retriever, seems happily oblivious to everything that's happened and continues to chase after low circling birds.
    • Actually, he walked out on the stage with his dog - a black lab retriever named Abbey.