Translation of reverence in Spanish:


veneración, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛv(ə)rəns/ /ˈrɛv(ə)r(ə)ns/

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  • 1

    veneración feminine
    reverencia feminine
    to hold sb/sth in reverence tener veneración / reverencia por algn/algo
    • These words reflect the great reverence, respect and love that the Prophet always showed towards animals.
    • Respect, honour and reverence for the Lord are the beginning of wisdom; those who act accordingly have a good understanding.
    • Punchithaya's tryst with art stems from his admiration and deep reverence for Nature.
    • He will be remembered with deep affection and reverence by the countless numbers of people whose lives he touched and influenced.
    • In fact walkers are indeed kindred spirits - sharing a deep respect and reverence for the landscape, culture and heritage of the area.
    • Our folklore and arts and crafts reflect our love and reverence for the animal world.
    • That's why many view the law of the river with nearly biblical reverence.
    • He embodies reverence, leadership, honor, and inspiration.
    • All of this solemnity had the effect of devitalizing Potter's work, prematurely shrouding it with all the cobwebs of respectability and reverence.
    • The zombie genre is one rich in history and it takes a person with honor and reverence for that genre to pull off a good zombie flick.
    • The overall appearance of the sculpture is one of elegance and reverence reflecting the dignity of the memorial.
    • Let man only approach his own self with a deep respect, even reverence for all that the creative soul, the God-mystery within us, puts forth.
    • That is because it is a part of our mourning for the oldest of sons to have his head shaved in reverence to a dead parent.
    • ‘Silent Running’ is the grandfather of modern science fiction/fantasy films, and Universal has honored it with respect and reverence.
    • Respect and reverence for all religious and philosophical traditions is at the heart of democratic civil society which makes student newspapers possible.
    • They were able to persuade people that Stonehenge should be a place of reverence and respect, and to deal with the tiny group of people who felt compelled to climb up the stones without creating a riot.
    • When the classical culture invaded Egypt, they sought to capture the deep reverence afforded to Thoth and amalgamated his characteristics into their own god Hermes.
    • The woman's presence drew reverence from deep within Portia's soul, though Portia was unaware of the connecting path between their hearts.
    • I do not know whence come this respect and this reverence.
    • We faithfully attend churches and other religious services, giving reverence and love to the One who called us into being.
  • 2

    Your Reverence Reverencia
    • If you want to be more polite you could use His Reverence.
    • An anonymous letter was later received by Jim Gahan, declaring his daughter's death served him right because of what he had been saying about ‘His Reverence.’
    • Your reverence, I saw four pure black bulls who came from the four directions to fight in the palace courtyard.
    • Come hear what his Reverence rises to say, in his painted pulpit, this calm Sabbath day.
    • I wrote a long letter to your reverence after your religious profession.
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    reverencia feminine
    • When I got there in my family's carriage, Jean-Luc, my family's driver, helped me put down my baggage and I said my goodbyes to him, and he made a brief reverence and went back home.
    • The large, solid iron gates opened with an ear-piercing shriek and Ithelien carried me across it swiftly; the guards made a reverence as I galloped past.