Translation of revolve in Spanish:


girar, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈvɑlv/ /rɪˈvɒlv/

Definition of girar in Spanish

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (wheel) girar
    to revolve around sth girar alrededor de / en torno a algo
    her words continued to revolve in my mind sus palabras siguieron dándome vueltas en la cabeza
    • Imagine a fly walking across a man's head as the man strolls down the aisle of a speeding train as the earth revolves on its axis and circles round the sun in a rapidly expanding universe.
    • Its body revolves in a complete circle while its wheels stay put.
    • The crowd is dancing to an Israeli classic, revolving in a giant circle, arms around each other's shoulders.
    • There were only five blossoms going in circles, rotating and revolving, on top of the clear glass.
    • Alain looked back at the lamp now revolving in a slow circle and casting a focused light far and deep across the seas.
    • Think of a kaleidoscope slowly revolving on a pedestal, slower than human fingers can turn it.
    • The video ends with a view from on high: the wagon circles counterclockwise on a circular stage, which revolves in the opposite direction.
    • The orbit of Mercury, a planet positioned about 36 million miles from the Sun, slowly revolves in the plane of the solar system.
    • If the suspect ivory is held up to a light source so that the stripes are visible and then revolved slowly horizontally through 90 degrees, the light and dark stripes on genuine ivory will become less pronounced or disappear.
    • Slowly Violet revolved to face her mother and Morgana threw her a feeble smile as she answered softly,
    • In this position, we were also able to observe her extraordinary versatility as she performed amazing feats of balance as the stage slowly revolved.
    • Cass leaned forwards and looked at it carefully as the three-dimensional image revolved slowly on the screen.
    • A snapping behind me made me jump, and I wished for a weapon, any weapon, as I revolved slowly on the spot.
    • I slowly revolved in a circle and eventually saw a figure materialize.
    • Kate whispered softly as they revolved slowly in a circle to the slow song.
    • Instantly, a three-dimensional image sprung up from the page and started to revolve slowly on the spot.
    • Can repairs be effected to a satellite revolving in its orbit?
    • He would be revolving in his grave if he knew about Monster Tajima!
    • Size reduction is achieved by fixed or swinging beater arms revolving at speed within a chamber.
    • The 360 Degrees Restaurant, known for its rich ambience, is the only revolving restaurant in the Caribbean.
  • 2revolving present participle

    (chair/door/stage) giratorio
  • 3to revolve around

    (center on)
    girar alrededor de
    girar en torno a
    the world doesn't revolve around you, you know no te creas que eres el centro del mundo
    • An important element of the case revolves around which party initially contacted the other.
    • It would have all the commercial elements with a storyline revolving around college students.
    • The bulk of my professional practise has revolved around assessing and treating traumatized individuals.
    • ‘The strong emphasis is revolving around treating people as individuals - not just people in the Royal Navy, but families as well,’ he said.
    • For a while, an important corporate worldview revolved around quality.
    • Amphris was a little untrusting some times, especially when issues of trust revolved around such important and delicate matters as the one at hand.
    • One important dispute revolved around Marx and the leading anarchist Bakunin.
    • The most important rituals revolve around the cycle of ancestral and royal observances.
    • Frankly, the whole discussion revolves around who has the authority to order the use of these drugs.
    • I would have laughed if this conversation weren't revolving around him being a murderer.
    • His phone conversations haven't revolved solely around bringing in players.
    • The conversation usually revolves around questions about episcopal leadership and the role of the laity.
    • According to Brunt, urban public life revolves mainly around watching and being watched.
    • However, his life now revolves mainly around his work.
    • The storylines often revolve around the needs of the wrestlers.
    • There have been scores of films revolving around the vampire theme.
    • In the lower weight classes, the world still revolves around Oscar.
    • Debates on the authority of texts, however, still revolve around the question of who dies first.
    • My campaign will revolve around this theme in the lead-up to the polls on Dec.1.
    • Excellence in journalism revolves around the key concepts of transparency, accountability, objectivity and credibility.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (wheel) hacer girar