Translation of rhizome in Spanish:


rizoma, n.

Pronunciation /ˈraɪˌzoʊm/ /ˈrʌɪzəʊm/

Definition of rizoma in Spanish


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    rizoma masculine
    • The plant is tough to stamp out because it develops a system of roots and rhizomes, horizontal underground stems that descend as far as six feet into the sand.
    • In addition, shrub roots and rhizomes grow into above-ground gaps, making below-ground gaps smaller than above-ground gaps.
    • Mucilages found in rhizomes, roots and seed endosperms may act primarily as energy reserves whereas foliar mucilages appear not to serve as storage carbohydrates.
    • Despite their differing underground structures, corms, tuberous roots, and rhizomes are all referred to as bulbs.
    • Irises grow from thick, underground stems, called rhizomes, that store food produced by the leaves.