Translation of rich in Spanish:


rico, adj.

Pronunciation /rɪtʃ/

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adjective richer, richest

  • 1

    • 1.1(wealthy)

      to become rich enriquecerse
      • You can't argue that somehow this very rich family needs this money.
      • Simply shifting money from the rich to the poor is not the right way.
      • So, what are these schemes and are they worth considering if you find yourself in the position of being ‘asset rich but income poor’?
      • Poor people want money and rich people want more money.
      • They claim that by acting in the interests of the rich and powerful they act as guardians of law, order and common decency.
      • Congress is full of rich people who spent big to gain office.
      • They care only about serving the interests of the rich, whatever the consequences.
      • He told Chinese people to put politics aside in the interests of getting rich.
      • Never was there such a mean spirited and self interested response from the rich and powerful.
      • The present ‘free trade’ system is being managed in the interest of the rich.
      • It is just another London borough, full of trendy rich people who do not appreciate the better things in life.
      • What's more, not only are almost all of us far from poor and hungry, but virtually all of us are, at least relatively, rich and full.
      • Because they had not been formally introduced, he may surmise from her knowledge of him and his presence in the area that she was only interested in attracting a rich husband.
      • With all the Superman memorabilia, he had most likely inadvertently made someone filthy rich.
      • His family must have been extremely rich to afford this kind of home.
      • Yes, it is a lot of money and you can get very rich.
      • Then, when I am sick of spoiled super rich kids, I will write a tell-all book!
      • And I became rich beyond my wildest dreams.
      • Then there's health, where the notorious two-tier system supports the rich at the expense of the poor.
      • But the Bedouins are not rich enough to afford the prices they ask for.

    • 1.2(opulent)

      (banquet) suntuoso
      (banquet) opulento
      (furnishings) lujoso
      (furnishings) suntuoso
      • The narrower the layer of individuals enjoying success and the greater their wealth, the less rich the material and the less enduring the art.
      • Sage opened the door to see a fancy room with a fair sized bed, everything in the room looked rich and expensive as well.
      • Here, as in other places, Kent's elegant furniture and rich decoration anticipated the interiors of Robert Adam.
      • A pricy looking sash was tied around his hips, its rich material seeming bold even in the dim lighting of the apartment.
      • It was a long sleeved purple dress, made of a rich heavy material.
      • Classic furniture also has rich carvings and ornaments, and many pieces use eye-catching colors such as gold and silver.
      • The interior is trimmed in a rich palette of materials to complement the exterior selections.
      • All was silent in the courtroom, recently redone in rich mahogany, as they waited for the judge to give his final verdict.
      • The recessed, double-door central cupboard is embellished with rich flame mahogany veneer.
      • Unlike the main hall, Quinn's office was made out of rich, dark mahogany.
      • His office is dominated by a rich mahogany antique desk, piled high with the books he has written and behind which spreads an oasis of orchids and exotic greenery.
      • She walked into to the beautifully decorated dining room and sat down at the rich, mahogany dining table.
      • In Siena artists responded to the Florentine preoccupation with space, yet retained a traditional interest in rich decoration.
      • She had on a rich rose colored gown with embroidered leaves all over it.
      • Her rose-dyed bodice and soft red overcoat were made of rich fabrics, possibly velvet from the east.
      • My bed was a king-sized canopy that was laced with rich velvet and satin fabric, imported from Italy.
      • Fabrics offer luxurious style in rich velvets, sheer chiffon, shiny satin and slinky jerseys.
      • She uses the rich fabric of silk and the fur because she wanted to talk about the desire these objects arouse.
      • Framed in giltwood, the panels are worked in rich wools highlighted with silks.
      • She wore a mauve gown of rich velvet, with gold tulips sewn intricately on the bodice.

    • 1.3(abundant)

      (harvest/supply/reserves) abundante
      (reward) generoso
      (history/experience) rico
      rich in sth
      • rich in vitamins/nitrates
      • her autobiography is rich in anecdotes
      • Waterloo's culture is rich and full of interesting facts, periods and places.
      • George led a full and rich life that has touched and brought joy to many of us.
      • Roundabout at Bangalow is a delight - subtle, amusing and full of rich details that bring much of the last century to life.
      • Ultimately we may create two new worlds that are every bit as rich, varied and interesting as our own.
      • Director Julie Bertuccelli has crafted an amazing film, one full of rich detail, quiet nuance and lovely performances.
      • Like other microhistories, this is a fascinating read, full of rich detail about the texture of urban existence.
      • It's the past, and however rich and fascinating and full of mystery it may be, it's not what's happening at this moment.
      • Crimes of the Heart is no different, full of the rich detail for which Beresford's Southern films are renowned.
      • Her internal monologues, the bits where she bangs on about how good she is and how she wants to live a full rich life and see plays and make people better, are the book's weakest links.
      • There is another rich, full life being lived by him that has nothing to do with dark screening rooms and old movie marathons, homages, or visual quotations.
      • So I have a really full and rich and wonderful life and I'm very grateful.
      • We are mostly middle class blue collar people who mostly live rich full lives with unlimited interests.
      • The history of the Cherokee is rich and full of outrageous tragedy.
      • She added that she found the cliffs very rich and very interesting for her from an artistic point of view.
      • Life there seemed so rich and full, and I was enjoying it all so much and on the way up, as it were, in my career.
      • Here is a woman who has lived a rich and full life, but who has not given up her creativity.
      • It may be a busy life that Barb leads, but it's certainly a full and rich one as well.
      • It is rich and sophisticated, interestingly constructed, and the historical analysis is fascinating.
      • This is a rich symbolic story, full of allegorical possibilities.
      • After boring contemplation, Pitt decides that no, he loves Forlani so much he will leave her behind to live a full and rich life.
      • Most of us are limited in the time we can spend on holiday so it's a matter of choices from the rich abundance of scenic delights that are available on this road.
      • Because of the rich nerve supply to the head, neck and face, any surgery, no matter how small and routine, carries an inherent risk of cardiac arrest.
      • Although Pattaya now has a rich abundance of retail stores, a few foodstuffs are still hard or impossible to obtain.
      • This country is blessed with hundreds of quirky events and celebrations throughout the year and they are all part of our rich and diverse culture and history.
      • They represent a rich, diverse patchwork quilt of experience that I am able to draw on in my own quest for creative integrity.
      • His work draws inspiration from his own rich and diverse history.
      • There are sheep on the grasslands and the woodlands contain a rich variety of oak, birch, hazel and chestnut - deer are frequent visitors here.
      • Welsh and Isherwood convey their joy in the rich variety of wildlife they encounter during their travels, and the book is attractively illustrated.
      • Currently, Mae is working as a writer in schools, to introduce children to the rich variety of writers working in Ireland.
      • The attraction of these materials lies in their rich detail about the lives of men and women embroiled in marital litigation.
      • There is a rich seam of material for a story in this case.
      • Ross had rich material to work with, given that Holiday's talent was matched by her tumultuous private life.
      • The Scottish Arts Council hoped it would mine a rich seam of latent talent and take risks on fledgling authors spurned by larger companies.
      • Nowhere is the documentation as rich as the records generated by the witchcraft investigations of the seventeenth century.
      • The strategy generates a rich database of writing samples which permits the pursuit of a number of precise research questions.
      • The library has a rich collection of unique material available on all aspects of County Laois.
      • Tulerpeton, from the Upper Devonian of Russia, is found in a deposit with a rich fauna of marine invertebrates.
      • Similarly, there are no rich fossil deposits before the Cambrian era about 550 million years ago.
      • This is such a rich fossil deposit, it is one of only a handful world-wide that has been awarded World Heritage Listing.
      • It has large phosphate deposits and a long Atlantic coastline with rich fish stocks.

  • 2

    • 2.1

      con alto contenido de grasas, huevos, azúcar etc
      (wine) generoso
      avoid rich foods evite las comidas pesadas / indigestas
      • a really rich sauce una salsa muy cremosa (or dulce, sustanciosa etc.)
      • I found the dessert too rich el postre me pareció empalagoso
      • The wine is very rich, but the acidity saves it from being cloying.
      • The 2003 version has settled and is a rich, full-bodied table wine.
      • To neutralize the aftertaste of balut, the festival has halo-halo, a traditional, rich drink suitable for any occasion.
      • Already his hands have begun to shake at the thought of the rich drink, the burning alcohol.
      • They like to blend it with Semillion to make a leaner, less rich wine.
      • I enjoyed its rich, ripe, heavy oaky fruit with that classic touch of oaky austerity on the finish that Bordeaux is renowned for.
      • Flashy, expensive oak is evident in this sweet, rich wine.
      • The richness of duck needs a rich wine (red or white) with full flavor.
      • Complex too, the wine is rich with plums, brambles, raspberry, nice touches of vanilla oak and mouth-filling tannins.
      • It is luxuriously rich and fruity, the aftertaste reminiscent of pear drops.
      • The intense colour and elegant bouquet give way to a rich, full-bodied wine with ripe fruit and polished tannins.
      • As bowls of rich green tea arrived, Toshiaya stood up to dance.
      • That, in conjunction with the night's dinner and the rather rich coffee, caused the expected nausea, which hit me in force as we exited the coffee shop.
      • I much enjoyed this rich, crimson-purple wine with plenty of inky, earthy, charcuterie-suitable fruit.
      • J.W. Lees Harvest Ale has a vinous character; it's sweet, rich, and high in alcohol.
      • It is a dense, almost black, rich wine of amazing power.
      • They are rich with just a hint of the pungent flavor of Gorgonzola - another good match with the wine.
      • Very full and rich and dry with beefy tannins, this wine is of the type to drink with food only.
      • This one has intense raspberry and blackberry fruit with a full, rich finish.
      • It has a delicious nose of spice and vanilla with a glob of honey, and a deliciously rich and smooth finish.

    • 2.2

      (soil/pasture) rico
      (soil/pasture) fértil
      (fuel mixture) de alto octanaje
      (color) cálido e intenso
      (color) brillante
      (voice) sonoro
      • That's why I look at the rich agricultural land in Aberdeenshire and ask what can be done to make it generate more income and more jobs.
      • Physiographic provinces range from the High Tatras in the north to the rich agricultural lands of the plains and the Danube Basin to the south.
      • It was surrounded by rich agricultural land, while the river Wensum gave opportunities for trade with Europe.
      • The town itself expanded through the intensive exploitation of the rich agricultural land along the North African coast.
      • I am puzzled by one thing though; the land here is rich and fertile, and the remains of many buildings still stand.
      • Rath National school is a three teacher school situated amidst rich agricultural land 11 miles from Portlaoise.
      • When soil is depleted, tree farms move to new locations, displacing food crops from rich agricultural land.
      • The land was rich and fertile, the town, clean and tastefully built.
      • Basalt thus produces heavy clay soils, many of which are abundant in nutrients and provide rich agricultural land.
      • This had once been rich farming land, the most fertile in Lanzarote.
      • It's been hard on the economy because the amount of food produced from those rich agricultural lands has decreased.
      • Kurdish leaders believe they need the oil fields and the rich agricultural land nearby to keep the region economically independent.
      • This rerouting of the river caused desertification of the agriculturally rich delta lands in Mexico.
      • Compared to bleak, blank land of the Oni Kai this was lush rich land.
      • The decision to leave his native Pennsylvania for the rich farming land of the Oregon Territory was not made lightly.
      • Before long teams were ploughing the rich lands of Yorkshire.
      • Cultivation of land now became important, and when a rich stretch of land was found the people now remained there and created a home.
      • The land here is rich and green, but for the most part from the river all that can be seen are the giant papyrus reeds, which line the bank.
      • The land was no longer rich and green but desolate and parched, gaping with hard, dusty cracks splitting deep into the earth.
      • Very little gold was found but more important was the fact that rich pastoral country was discovered.
      • I put my fuel mixture on rich, prop on full climb, and slowly released my brakes.
      • A black dry fluffy colored plug is caused by excessive idling of the bike or by deposits from a carburetor rich with too much gas.
      • Their skills combined to produce the modern windows with bright rich colours and strong design that Spence wanted.
      • The image is generally sharp with rich colours, deep blacks and good shadow detail.
      • Her hair was a dark brown, a rich colour that matched her eyes.
      • A rich colour palette of browns and reds, creams and whites and various shades of grey dominate.
      • Like a Burne - Jones painting, his images are saturated in colour so deep and rich you feel you could dip your hands into them.
      • The colours are deep and rich and help set an operatic mood and tone for almost every scene.
      • The wood is treated with oil extracted from the tung nut, giving it a deep, rich hue and a gleaming finish.
      • Chrysanthemums are also useful - there's a wonderful rich dark red variety which will glow against the greenery.
      • Their prayers and their singing are full of their rich French intonation and cultural nuance.
      • The music is cool, full and rich, upbeat pop with nice vocal harmonies.
      • At their looks of candid shock, the woman let a rich, full laugh.
      • The gallery is perhaps a little full, but the rich earthy tones, concise drawing and overall visual experience make it a worthwhile visit.
      • Both tracks are fine, the 4.0 track sounding a bit richer than the 2.0.
      • These floors start life a bright yellow which mellows to a rich chestnut as time goes by.
      • With walls painted a light yellow and the furniture the color of rich mahogany, it was a very welcoming place.
      • Back in his Pop Idol days, Will Young was the posh one with gorgeously rich vocals and a knack for treating classics staggeringly well.
      • You can find them in black or brown, but the classiest ones are made of a rich mahogany or a dark rosewood finish.
      • Equally significant, their bare winter stems are a rich mahogany red.
      • The room was styled simply, mahogany flooring and a rich blue plaster on the walls.
      • It is a rich wine colour, which gives this apartment a more feeling of home.

  • 3 informal

    that's rich coming from you! ¡tiene gracia que tú digas eso! ironic
    • Gerry Adams said it was a bit rich of David Trimble to belatedly complain about his little trip to London to deliver an important speech.
    • So it's a bit rich for Mr Rudd to come out and criticise the Government over relations with PNG.
    • Criticism of over-specialisation is a bit rich from one who is herself exactly that, a haematologist.
    • ‘Kylie's demand to stipulate what council submits as opinion is a bit rich,’ she wrote.
    • The cooling-off period to which you refer is for your benefit, not the financial services company and it is a bit rich for Tesco to use it as a way to get you to withdraw your application.
    • Seeing as Parker has spent most of his life lambasting the elitism of British society, isn't it a bit rich to then suddenly roll over when the Queen comes calling?
    • So to attack us for re-telling, for the first time anywhere in the world, James Leo Herlihy's truly great and bizarre love story strikes me as a bit rich.
    • But it's a bit rich to carry on as if no decent person would ever do what you yourself were doing just a few days before.
    • Which is, of course, a bit rich coming from the so-called ‘party with a difference’.
    • They ran the gauntlet of the voter as well as the judges and won out and for people to start slagging them off is a bit rich.
    • Now this, I thought, was a bit rich, coming from a man who was notoriously slow to make changes in his own day on the Kildare line.
    • It all seems a bit rich to his colleagues that the home secretary was mouthing off about their inadequacies when his own record was far from perfect.
    • The Tories have signed away more than anyone else in Europe so I find it a bit rich when they shout about a referendum.
    • This is a bit rich coming from a man who has slept with 250 women.
    • And that is why I find it a bit rich, if you excuse the pun, of Mark McCormack to claim that golfers are too greedy.
    • And besides, isn't it a bit rich for David Murray to take sides in the political debate.
    • Certainly, it's a bit rich having to listen to a man telling you that the female orgasm doesn't exist.
    • Using the terms low-risk and low-interest rate environment in the same breath as Prize Bonds is a bit rich.
    • The accusation was a bit rich, coming from an administration run largely by men who had ducked service in Vietnam.

plural noun

  • 1

    the rich los ricos
    • it affects rich and poor alike afecta tanto a los ricos como a los pobres