Translation of ride in Spanish:


Pronunciation /raɪd/ /rʌɪd/

transitive verb rode, ridden

  • 1

    (as means of transport)
    • 1.1

      he rides his horse to school va a la escuela a caballo
      • do you want to ride my horse? ¿quieres montar mi caballo?
      • I've never ridden a horse/an elephant nunca he montado a caballo/nunca he montado en un elefante
      • he was riding his father's horse/a camel montaba el caballo de su padre/un camello
      • he rode his horse into the river se metió en el río con el caballo
      • Paradise Boy, ridden by G. Moffatt Paradise Boy, jineteado por G. Moffatt / con G. Moffatt en la monta
      • Why else would they risk injury to ride a bull or horse for eight seconds?
      • As a young girl, she lived on a farm and first rode sheep, then ponies and then horses which she loved.
      • The holidays will also offer the children, many of whom are from urban areas, the chance to look after animals and even ride horses and ponies.
      • We rode elephants, watched a rice farmer plant his crops, visited a rubber plantation, went golfing, swam in the ocean and ate delicious Thai food.
      • Mr Newlove has trained animals all his life and has ridden Ayrshire bulls at local shows and once discovered a horse which would fetch sticks.
      • The elder Saumell learned how to ride a pony before obtaining a job walking horses at now defunct Oriental Park in Havana.
      • Farnsworth always wanted to be a cowboy; and although he barely fires a bullet in The Grey Fox, just watch him ride that horse.
      • Trained by Kent Jensen, the dark bay two-year-old filly was ridden by David Essman.
      • Supposedly, the more you rode the horse, the calmer the horse was supposed to become.
      • I went because I have always wanted to ride bulls in a rodeo.
      • Ireland is like a jockey riding two horses - Europe and the US.
      • He is also one of an elite band of nine jump jockeys to have ridden more than 1,000 winners.
      • Pat Eddery is a racing legend and he rode many great horses.
      • You can find out if they have horses for you to ride so you don't have to bring one.
      • Now Chavez will return to the horse he has ridden to four stakes victories, including three this year.
      • The key is to accept the feedback you get from each horse you ride to help you pinpoint weak areas.
      • He won nine of his 10 races and is rated by Frankie Dettori as the best horse he has ever ridden.
      • When he had got up to the animal she was riding he put his hand on the crupper and relaxed his speed.
      • My mare now turned her head and nibbled at the neck of the roan horse Sidroc rode.
      • He was the best horse I have ever ridden, you sat on him and he just flew.

    • 1.2

      he rides a bike to work va al trabajo en bicicleta
      • I can't ride a bike no sé montar en bicicleta
      • let him ride your bike préstale la bicicleta
      • she rode her bike down the steps bajó los escalones con la bicicleta
      • It is, for example, a great deal easier to demonstrate how to ride a bicycle than to verbalize it.
      • Alan noticed the bike a couple of weeks after he first rode his own bicycle to Tracy's weekly appointment.
      • Another allegation was that he rode a motorbike and quad bike erratically.
      • Undaunted, but a little impressed, Mike just wanted to ride his bicycle, far and fast.
      • Officers said it appeared the man riding the motorcycle lost control on the corner where there was loose sand on the road, and then smashed into the pole.
      • I spent my formative years in New Malden, during which time I learned to ride a bicycle, a motor cycle and finally drive a car.
      • No one should ride a scooter or motorcycle without wearing a helmet.
      • She has endured ‘months of hell’ from people riding motorbikes and quad bikes on King George's playing field behind her house.
      • When a cyclist rides a bicycle at night with a small phosphorescent spot attached to the rim of one of the wheels, the path that the spot describes as the bicycle moves is a cycloid.
      • Some time ago I complained to the police about scooters, motor cycles and quad bikes being ridden in Peel Park and Bradford Moor Park.
      • Ben Johnston, 19, also put his legs up behind him to obscure his registration plate while riding the moped, after he realised he was certain to lose his licence.
      • My favorite form of cardio exercise is riding a tandem bicycle with my husband.
      • Riders riding big bikes are presumed to be rough, rude and bullies.
      • Nine of the riders rode mountain bikes and 16 rode road bikes.
      • If, indeed, he or she has ever ridden a bike at all.
      • If your child is young and has not ridden a bicycle very long, buy a bicycle with coaster brakes.
      • Ant broke his collar bone and pelvis bone while riding a motorcycle very fast.
      • He had never ridden a motorcycle before, nor had ever planned to.
      • And unlike many people, she did not find it like riding a bicycle.
      • Good heavens, I ride a bicycle to school; need I say more?

    • 1.3US

      (bus/subway/train) ir en
      we rode the bus downtown fuimos al centro en autobús
      • He is also forbidden to ride in or on any vehicle without the consent of the owner or to drive without a licence.
      • As he rode in the vehicle half of his heart was overjoyed that he would be returning home so quickly.
      • He refuses to wear a seat belt when he's riding in the passenger side of a car.
      • We have never had a serious injury of any of the occupants riding in the vehicles.
      • Deaths from weapon fire while riding in a vehicle were coded as intentional violence.
      • A passenger rides in one of seven cars, each mounted near the edge of its own circular platform but free to pivot about the center.
      • Also there a oodles of new vehicles for you to ride in which is always exciting.
      • One day, Gunpei was riding in a car in the passenger seat when the driver rear-ended a truck in front of them.
      • She rode in it to the Silver Jubilee thanksgiving service at St Paul's Cathedral on June 7, 1977.
      • Private First Class Nicholas Greer first rode in a helicopter when he was only two years old.
      • I rode in a donkey cart for a sightseeing tour of the village of Rogozen.
      • However, he was still part of the marathon as he rode in a jeep the final three days giving support to those still running.
      • He even got to drive the same truck he'd ridden in with his father as a kid.
      • He rode in the back of the bus, and he reminds me of that, how he couldn't go to college because they weren't integrated.
      • Prosecutors say he denied having a role but changed his story, saying he rode in the truck and threw a stun grenade at guards.
      • Like I said, I have no idea why there are two sunroofs but everyone who rode in the car commented on it.
      • They are particularly keen to trace two young men who were riding in the gondola immediately in front of the one carrying Miss Savage.
      • John F. Kennedy was riding in an open motorcade on a goodwill-hunting visit to Texas.
      • The victims were riding in a tractor and trailer which drove over a landmine.
      • I realised there was more to life than riding in stretch limousines and getting into VIP sections.

  • 2

    • 2.1(traverse on horseback)

      (countryside/plains) recorrer a caballo
      • He rides the area around Bachelor nowadays.
      • They are not against country folk or anyone else riding the fields and meadows on horseback.
      • Maybe it takes riding the landscape with a native or old-timer who can point something out, to let you know how the geography has changed.
      • Jim Paavila, another member of the biking group's executive, estimates on a busy day, there are hundreds of people riding trails in the area.
      • Apart from this year's London - to-York ride, the Angels have also ridden coast to coast in England, Scotland and Ireland for charity.

    • 2.2(run)

      (race) correr
      • I felt like I was riding so well, and the team rode a great race.
      • He rode a hard race in 2003 for victory but had to make do with third place this time around.
      • What's the most appalling weather you've ridden a race in?
      • We have a regular customer who goes over there and rides the race every year.
      • Hernandez, who was riding his third race and second winner at Calder, credited the victory to Rizo's prerace instructions.
      • Whatever happens, Savoldelli has ridden a brilliant race with minimal help in the mountains.
      • He also says the information that he passed on to these people didn't affect the way he rode the race.
      • He's as strong as any of the lighter riders I know and he does know how to ride a race - he knows where the winning post is.
      • While not perfect - steering your mount can be tricky at times - this game is ideal for those horseracing fans who have never ridden a bad race from their own armchair.
      • Derek rode a splendid race, coming to challenge on the back straight and staying on powerfully to win by two lengths.
      • The two riders rode the race in tandem last year and fate has thrust them together again.
      • When Britain's most famous jockey says he wants to ride a race again, you can bet that he thinks he made a mess of things.
      • He's 32 but rode his first race just six years ago, when he was persuaded to enter the Army championships.
      • Because I was riding races, Dad kept on asking what weight I was.
      • I mean, when I'm hired to ride a race, I'm working for the owner in a sense.
      • Local rider Michael Mulcahy rode a fantastic race after puncturing and finished a creditable 10th.
      • He was cool and went the inside route and rode a great race.
      • So that's why they simply say, ‘We don't think you should ride a bike race and we're taking your licence.’
      • The track's jockeys refused to ride the final four races on a ten-race card on Sunday, citing unsafe conditions on the main track.
      • I would have liked to talk to him longer, but he had just ridden an incredibly exhausting race.

  • 3

    • 3.1(be carried upon)

      (waves/wind) dejarse llevar por
      • Megawati took over the national leadership in July riding a wave of support from a rainbow coalition united against former president Abdurrahman Wahid.
      • They knew they just had to ride this wave of support and make sure that they put down the kind of roots that will attract ongoing support.
      • The Bulldogs rode their wave of momentum to win by 71 points, giving the club its first premiership since 1975.
      • They travel to Denver next week having won 4 of their last 5 and riding a wave of momentum to take on the Broncos.
      • Forward Michael Davis electrified the large crowd with an uncontested early dunk and the Warriors rode the momentum of their fans to a rather sizeable lead.
      • Well, I would just say, they're riding the momentum, so you know, why not go all the way, and say the Red Sox do it?
      • The North Carolina senator is hoping to ride the momentum of his Iowa performance to a very strong showing here in New Hampshire and beyond.
      • The Warriors hope to ride their momentum as they kick off their playoff drive this weekend.
      • The company's tech-heavy funds rode the Internet boom to dizzying heights, only to fall hard in the bust.
      • If all this sounds like Toyota is riding a powerful growth wave, well, it is.
      • We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave.
      • Understand the boom and bust cycles of your target industry so you can ride a growth wave, advises Wallace.
      • He got hot at the same time last year and rode the momentum to his first championship.
      • Miami is up 3-2 and riding the momentum of three straight victories.
      • His choreography is an onslaught at first, but after riding the momentum, one may find it satisfying, galvanizing, and thrilling.
      • Wu is riding a crest of support from recession-weary Hong Kong citizens who are looking for a white knight to lift their spirits.
      • For Martin, starting over means picking up where he left off, riding the momentum that propelled him into the Chase.
      • The Cardinal could ride this momentum all the way to Minneapolis.
      • He should be able to ride this momentum and claim the No.1 ranking before the year is out.
      • Data centre specialists CityReach is riding a burgeoning market with the announcement of another £100 million in funding and a planned float next spring.

    • 3.2(absorb impact of)

      (blow/bump) aguantar
      sterling is riding the crisis with ease la libra está aguantando / sobrellevando bien la crisis
      • Jay-jay Okocha supplied the attacking inspiration as Wanderers rode the early blows to pose some serious first half problems of their own.
      • Leger favourite Enchanting Hero gave his supporters reason to sweat in the early stages of Heat 9 when forced to ride a few hefty bumps.

  • 4US informal

    tenerla tomada con informal
    • At the end of the day, I am just a player, and it's not something that has been riding me too hard.
    • What's more, when Baltimore is on the road, opposing fans will ride him like he's never been ridden.

intransitive verb rode, ridden

  • 1

    • 1.1(on animal)

      to ride on horseback montar a caballo
      • she learned to ride in Argentina aprendió a montar a caballo en Argentina
      • shall we drive or ride? ¿vamos en coche o a caballo?
      • Carson rode to victory again today hoy Carson volvió a ganar la carrera
      • he rides under 120lb pesa menos de 120 libras
      • to go riding ir a montar a caballo
      • we rode over to Garsville fuimos a Garsville a caballo
      • they rode over the moors iban a caballo por los páramos
      • he rode away at a gallop se alejó al galope
      • they rode off into the sunset cabalgaron hacia el horizonte a la luz del atardecer
      • she rode up on a gray mare llegó montada en / a lomos de una yegua gris
      • a boy riding on a dolphin/donkey un niño montado en un delfín/burro

    • 1.2(on bicycle, in vehicle)

      we rode into town fuimos al centro en bicicleta (or en moto etc.)
      • a bodyguard rode on the running board un guardaespaldas iba en el estribo
      • can I ride with you, John? ¿puedo ir contigo en el coche, John?
      • she couldn't ride up the hill no pudo subir la cuesta pedaleando
      • she let me ride on her bike me prestó la bicicleta

  • 2

    (run, go)
    (horse) correr
    (vehicle) andar
    (vehicle) marchar
    • The Satellite rides like a bike that costs twice as much.
    • This car rides like the granite-wheeled sedans on The Flintstones.
    • On the highway the big truck rides like a large sedan, firm, quiet and comfortable.
    • The GMT800 platform makes this latest version even better - it's tight, quiet, rides better and is well built overall.
  • 3

    (be carried along, borne up)
    to ride on sth
    • Higher yet, and the cue stick will ride over the ball, probably causing it to go nowhere.
    • Breaking waves ride over each other reddened by the lividity of a fulminous sky, mount and collapse, as they wrest down a tall toppling ship not far out of landfall.
    • Rebated rims are considered less reliable by some shooters who are concerned that the rifle bolt might ride over the rim rather than push it forward.
    • We know that the most critical element of an accuracy job is the way the bottom barrel lugs ride over the slide stop pin.
    • If the magazine spring is too slow, a feed failure will occur as the slide will ride over the top of the new round.
    • At the same time, the continental crust tends to ride over the oceanic crust, for it is the lighter of the two.


  • 1

    (on horse, in vehicle etc)
    let's go for a ride on our bikes/ponies/horses vamos a dar una vuelta / un paseo en bicicleta/en pony/a caballo
    • we went for a ride in his new car fuimos a dar una vuelta / un paseo en su coche nuevo
    • will you give me a ride on your back? ¿me llevas a cuestas?
    • it's only a short bus/taxi ride from here queda a poca distancia de aquí en autobús/taxi
    • it's a ten-minute train ride queda a diez minutos en tren
    • it was a long ride and we were exhausted when we arrived fue un viaje largo y llegamos agotados
    • it wasn't a smooth ride no fue un viaje cómodo
    • it was a bumpy ride over the sand dunes nos zarandeamos mucho por los médanos
    • the firm has had a bumpy ride recently las cosas no han marchado muy bien para la empresa últimamente
    • from then on, it was a smooth ride de ahí en adelante, todo marchó sobre ruedas
    • the ride of the Valkyries la cabalgata de las valkirias
    • we were trying to hitch a ride estábamos haciendo dedo / auto-stop
    • she gave us a ride into town nos llevó al centro en coche
  • 2

    • 2.1(at amusement park)

      we went on all the rides nos subimos a todos los aparatos / atracciones
      • everything was £1 a ride todo costaba una libra la vuelta

    • 2.2(path)

      vereda feminine
      sendero masculine
      • On Sunday, the first evening of the ride, a Nez Perce chief will bless the trail ride.
      • Land formations and sightings of land, water and air creatures from 12 actual trail rides are documented in great detail.

  • 3US informal

    (motor vehicle)
    coche masculine
    carro masculine Latin America
    auto masculine Southern Cone
    • Still, for those with the means and the need for SUV speed with Porsche image, this might be the ride.
    • And nowadays, the marketplace wants dubs and shiny bling bling to spruce up otherwise unbearably ordinary rides.
    • For young consumers intent on immediately customizing their new rides, that extra money might turn into the most powerful incentive of all.
    • He had seen his ride behind the jeep, and he just wanted to go home.
    • Compared to most open-wheel rides, stock cars are heavy and have virtually no give on their front ends.
    • After a night of guzzling beers in a field, the group awakens to find the fan belt in one of their pimped rides has been tampered with.
  • 4US

    (person giving a lift)
    persona que lleva a algn en coche feminine
    persona que lleva a algn en carro feminine Latin America
    persona que da (un) aventón feminine Colombia, Mexico
    • After cleaning up and finding a ride into town, Seth and I didn't hesitate with spending most of the money on Tomas' credit card.
    • And, well, after Mysti talked to me, I kind of needed a ride to town so I could help.
    • If you stay here the night I can get you a ride into one of the border towns tomorrow morning.
    • The issue with their schooling is actually the same as many other students - co-ordinating rides to school!
    • My ride pulled to the road's shoulder, hazards flashing.
    • I'd have dumped him on the spot if he hadn't been my ride home, but we went back to his house and watched videos, and then I didn't want to dump him anymore.