Translation of rider in Spanish:


jinete, n.

Pronunciation /ˈraɪdər/ /ˈrʌɪdə/

Definition of jinete in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1(on horseback)

      jinete masculine, feminine
      • The shop provided saddles, boots, and other riding equipment for riders at south Florida racetracks.
      • As he intended, he is once again the best young rider in the race.
      • Reece now wants to develop his riding and hopes to become a top dressage rider.
      • Christopher had dreams of becoming a professional motorbike rider and had been riding since the age of five.
      • How does it feel to know you will go to race against the world's best young riders?
      • Elaine Castillo was the leading apprentice rider with 62 victories, good enough for tenth overall in the jockey standings.
      • When the horse rider had passed by, Clyde relaxed and they stepped into the street.
      • Motorcyclists did acrobatic tricks like bareback horse riders of old.
      • Adkins later noted that the top fifty rodeo riders make roughly a half a million dollars a year nowadays.
      • He is into motorbikes and is going to be a professional dirt bike rider.
      • Former mountain bike rider Miguel Martinez provided the only real positive with his occasional mountain forays.
      • Elsewhere there are places where thoughtless mountain bike and motorbike riders have churned up paths.
      • Down below he could see a rider galloping away from the town and towards the mountains in the distance.
      • They should therefore be worn by riders of all ages.
      • Yet many street riders don't even wear helmets.
      • After that, you just have to concentrate on getting past the rider in front.
      • The rider will require a provisional licence but must also have taken the Compulsory Basic Training test.
      • American Zabriskie had been the first rider to wear the yellow jersey this year but lost it in the team time-trial when he fell and sustained several injuries.
      • Indeed, Armstrong is not the only rider to have suffered difficult moments during what has been acknowledged as one of the toughest modern Tours.
      • Watson, however, was pleased with his effort as he was the only rider to give Cook a run for his money over roads he knows well.

    • 1.2

      (on bicycle) ciclista masculine, feminine
      (on motorbike) motociclista masculine, feminine
      (on motorbike) motorista masculine, feminine

    • 1.3US (of subway, bus)

      pasajero masculine
      pasajera feminine
      usuario masculine
      usuaria feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (appended statement) cláusula adicional feminine
      (condition) condición feminine
      • At his inquest the jury added a rider to its verdict urging further research into Roaccutane and its side-effects.
      • No evidence was called on their behalf, and when convicting the jury added this rider.
      • The committee was forced to add a number of riders to this verdict, however.
      • A rider handed in by the jury indicated a failing of the prison service in its duty of care to the deceased, which rider the coroner refused to append to the inquisition.
      • A few years ago the US introduced a pernicious rider to their new telecommunications legislation.
      • Just as a rider to that, policing operations, in their widest context, normally can go on for years.
      • With an environmental rider to the 1999 budget, they succeeded: the date was bumped four years to 2005.
      • As a rider to this overview of the role of music in this story, however, I want to suggest an adjustment of perspective.
      • Yet there is a rider to this that cannot be ignored.
      • There is a rider to that, which is ‘and to help them be the best that they can be’.
      • Now a rider attached to a recent EPA appropriations bill could cause further delay.
      • Senator Murkowski has already proposed a rider to this effect on the appropriations bill for funding the war.
      • Once again, isn't it worth asking why these types of appropriation bill riders are allowed?
      • So if need be, yes, there could be a rider on their appropriation bill that no money should be expended by the FCC to administer the Powell rule.
      • In 1998, for example, Leahy attached a rider to a bill designating Vermont's Lake Champlain one of the Great Lakes.
      • She attached a rider to a bill, which would have withheld money the department needed to implement the regulation.
      • The rider called the Dorgan Amendment would have made it illegal for the U.S. to spend money enforcing the travel ban.
      • Now a rider attached to a recent EPA appropriations bill could cause further delay.
      • However, one option for lawmakers whose bills do not go through the committee process is to attach them as riders to other legislation.
      • Insurance companies can now charge a maximum of 30 per cent of the premium of the main product for all riders attached to any policy.
      • He'd get the money alright, but with a few small riders attached.
      • Let's not attach riders with our favorite untested opinions to our theses; it weakens our position.
      • Some of your colleagues want to attach some amendments, what they call riders.
      • So it needs to be read with the usual rider that young teenagers, for various reasons, don't always tell the whole truth and nothing but.

    • 2.2Law

      (del jurado) recomendación feminine