Translation of rifle range in Spanish:

rifle range

polígono de tiro, n.


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    polígono de tiro masculine
    (at fairground) tiro al blanco masculine
    • Then there are three more standing on the side of the road and I get the feeling of what it must be to be target in a fairground rifle range.
    • There were dodgem cars, helter-skelters, waltzers, ghost trains, rifle ranges and lots more but two I remember more than most.
    • Already lined up are a rifle range, go-kart track, swimming pool and bowling alley.
    • Major Caporn said the main aim of this training was to allow the group to qualify on the rifle range, practise training as a platoon, gain experience in patrolling and learn how to conduct themselves if fired upon.
    • Next time you're on a rifle range back at home station, try doing some training using your iron sights along with all the other attachments.
    • The competition was held at the biathlon rifle range at Whiskey Flat, near Mt Hotham, in the Victorian Alps last month.
    • Then they headed off to the rifle range to become familiar with U.S. weapons.
    • The army also noted an increase in confidence, morale, and combat effectiveness, among non-combat troops that had been given a lot of time at the rifle range, and lots of ammo to fire off there.
    • Two bright scarlet lights will be installed on either end of the rifle range and a military memorial wall, presently under black plastic, will add to the historical ambience.
    • Schedule complications precluded me from getting out to a proper rifle range, and thus group testing was done over sandbags and consisted of three shot groups at 50 yards.
    • Sometime in the mid 1940s an elderly man approached them, telling a story of an old rifle range on the farm, used by soldiers camped on Marsland Hill.
    • The initial stage is training, which is a trip to the rifle range (looking rather similar to a golf course), where, if you do well enough, you will be invited to Sniper School.
    • A pile of rusty rifles and bayonets, old stone foundations, limb moulds, a live mortar, an underground rifle range and a diesel boiler have been found on the site of the 98-year-old Drill Hall.
    • For nearly two years, he and others built a rifle range on the flatlands outside of Shanghai, China, shoveling dirt by hand to create elevated platforms from which to fire.
    • ‘Most customers who hunt have their favorite rifle range nearby,’ Evens said.
    • I don't see why, they'll be properly supervised on the rifle range.
    • We had just finished a course of fire and my class was preparing to move to another section of the rifle range.
    • For non-military readers, I think the way it works is that everyone who goes through basic training has to qualify on a rifle range as able to shoot the darn thing without taking their foot off or hitting a bystander.
    • She said that although just six of the 43 participants were girls, they had ‘loved it’ and shown themselves to be better than the boys on the rifle range.
    • People in Horwich will soon benefit from a new £150,000 community hall now that the council has secured funding to renovate a former rifle range.
    • The memorabilia includes photographs, certificates and items like old cartridge cases found near a former rifle range near Point Moore.
    • There was an addition to the Cottage Hospital and a new rifle range for the Volunteer Force which had lost its previous range at Reigate Hill in 1892.