Translation of righteous in Spanish:


justificado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈraɪtʃəs/ /ˈrʌɪtʃəs/


  • 1

    (indignation) justificado
    • His righteous indignation is quite understandable.
    • Your opponent comes out, quivering with righteous indignation, spoiling for a fight.
    • I've shared tears and anger, thoughtfulness and righteous indignation.
    • Your hatred of the poor is just bigotry, sir, however you try to dress it as righteous indignation.
    • I hope by now, you are inured to the fact that righteous indignation generates more email than gratitude.
    • Even though we're all flawed, we expect public figures to be morally righteous.
    • Did you know that righteous fury and blind hate are simply two sides of the same coin?
    • He did not state that obedience to the law makes one fully righteous before God in an eschatological sense.
    • But an opposition leader capable of righteous anger is essential for any democratic legislature.
    • I strove harder to stay awake in church and be more righteous.
    • Please take it as read that I am the last person to think that mere numbers make a cause righteous.
    • Dualism is a tool of oppressors, fundamentalists and the morally righteous.
    • Most of us, Dr. Godfrey said, don't even think of ourselves as righteous.
    • Today's text focuses on justification and our being made righteous before God.
    • Both offer the spectacle of an aggrieved man reacting with righteous rage.
    • Abraham and Sarah trusted the same God, and they were declared righteous.
    • Why are you all of a sudden so righteous about taking one little smoke?
    • Over the decades, his choice of roles has defined the perception we have of him as a decent, even righteous man of honour.
    • Now picture the reaction of those Pharisees who regarded themselves as holy, righteous, and pure but who looked down on any who didn't live up to their standards of holiness.
    • Where is there true reward and punishment in a world where so many innocent and righteous suffer while so many evil people seem to enjoy the good life?
  • 2

    (person) recto
    (person) honrado
  • 3

    her righteous tone antagonized her colleagues su tono de superioridad moral provocó el antagonismo de sus colegas

plural noun

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    the righteous los justos