Traducción de riot en Español:


disturbio, n.

Pronunciación /ˈraɪət/ /ˈrʌɪət/

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  • 1

    (disorder) disturbio masculino
    (mutiny) motín masculino
    (gear/shield) (invariable adjectivebefore noun) antidisturbios
    (gear/shield) (invariable adjectivebefore noun) antimotines
    there were riots in the streets hubo disturbios / desórdenes callejeros
    • the prisoners who took part in the riot los presos que participaron en el motín / en el amotinamiento
    • the riot squad la brigada antidisturbios
    • riot control control de disturbios
  • 2coloquial

    (hilarious occasion)
    desmadre masculino coloquial
    the party was an absolute riot la fiesta fue un desmadre total coloquial
  • 3coloquial

    (funny person)
    she's a riot es comiquísima
  • 4

    a riot of color un derroche / una profusión de color

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    causar disturbios
    causar desórdenes
    (prisoners) amotinarse
    • Nine years later, Sophia Jex-Blake and several other women encountered more violent opposition in Edinburgh, where male students rioted to prevent women from attending clinical instruction.
    • When I see that other fellow college students rioted and destroyed the coolest liquor store in town, while in a drunken mob, I wince.
    • In response, they rioted for two nights.
    • In times past, their presence has provoked rioting and other forms of violent conflict, but today, in spite of the heightened sensitivities to cultural displays, they attract little attention.
    • Not infrequently, girls ran away; some also formed gangs, rioted, and resorted to violence.
    • Despite the involvement of 1000 people in Wednesday's rioting, the story didn't make the front page.
    • The year after would see rioting in Detroit, Newark, Boston and Milwaukee.
    • The umpire, supported by the third, TV, umpire, correctly gave him ‘out’, but 90,000 spectators disagreed and proceeded to riot until the game was stopped.
    • However, many of the younger marchers, such as Gerry Donaghy, are prone to rioting, needing only a spark to set them off.
    • For the first time, middle-class citizens and skilled workers joined activists in protest, rioting against the government.
    • Early attempts at privatization led to rioting in Osh in 1990, so this process was put on hold.
    • The Civil War is in its second year and a compulsory draft is in force, which leads to rioting amongst the poor.
    • In 1979, Kazaks rioted because there were rumors that the government was going to set aside land for local Germans who wanted to create their own independent region.
    • When the citizens rioted against the English, Richard replied by building a fortress next to the city.
    • While he has promised a referendum to the people of Adeh, when he made it clear that independence would not be one of their options, 10,000 people rioted.
    • When the details were announced on 12 February 1111, Rome rioted.
    • Farmers rioted in Geneva, Paris and Strasbourg
    • On March 18, prisoners rioted, breaking down a door and assaulting a police officer.