Translation of risk in Spanish:


riesgo, n.

Pronunciation /rɪsk/

Definition of riesgo in Spanish


  • 1

    riesgo masculine
    the benefits outweigh the risks los beneficios superan los riesgos
    • the risks are too great hay demasiados riesgos
    • the risks involved are enormous los riesgos que implica son enormes
    • there's an element of risk in any investment toda inversión implica / encierra un cierto riesgo
    • the risk of infection is slight el riesgo / peligro de infección es mínimo
    • there's no risk of anyone knowing you here no hay riesgo / peligro de que alguien te conozca aquí
    • will we lose our jobs? — there's little risk of that ¿nos vamos a quedar sin trabajo? — es muy poco probable que eso suceda
    • at the risk of repetition a riesgo de repetirme
    • is there any risk that she'll say 'no'? ¿hay algún peligro de que se niegue?
    • there's always the risk that he'll forget siempre existe el riesgo / el peligro de que se (le) olvide
    • our jobs are at risk nuestros trabajos están en / corren peligro
    • it isn't worth the risk no vale la pena arriesgarse / correr el riesgo
    • a health risk un peligro para la salud
    • that is a fire risk eso podría causar un incendio
    • the risk factor increases if … el riesgo / peligro es mayor si …
    • He was closest to the situation, knew the risks, knew what they could gain from such a crime, and knew what they stood to lose if they were discovered, which was very little.
    • Young farm children need to be limited in their exposure to risks; older youths must be trained and closely supervised.
    • They are well aware of their threat exposure and understand the risks associated with the systems in use.
    • Even though Eva knew of the dangers, the risks, and the lack of information about this man, she let herself be drawn into this strong embrace.
    • The spread of the network form and its technologies clearly entails some new risks and dangers.
    • They form part of a larger local discourse on problems, difficulties, dangers, and risks related to life in general.
    • In the opening credit sequence we know nothing of the man, yet Bolt economically conveys that this is someone who takes risks and finds danger exhilarating.
    • Regardless of how skilled she knew she was, the extreme risk and danger of what she was about to undertake wasn't lost on her.
    • Holly had gotten as far as she had in this life by taking a lot of dangerous risks.
    • In the new age of heightened risks and tightened security, who will keep our airports safe?
    • The workers are asking for compensation for mental stress arising from a possible risk of exposure to asbestos at the plant.
    • They don't want to raise risks of a devastating conflict with the mainland.
    • So far, they had been lucky enough not to encounter the Sheriff and his party, but she knew the risks of letting one's guard down in a situation like this.
    • Farmworkers are also at higher risk of exposure to tuberculosis.
    • Perhaps there is no real alternative and the approach may be to accept the risk and live with it at least the situation will have been considered.
    • Dense vegetation may conceal the nests and reduce the risk of predation.
    • They say it would do nothing to reduce the risk of wildfires but would degrade America's forests.
  • 2

    riesgo masculine
    to be a good/bad risk constituir un riesgo aceptable/inaceptable
    • an insurable/uninsurable risk un riesgo asegurable/no asegurable
    • are you insured for all risks? ¿estás asegurado contra todo riesgo?
    • to spread the risk diversificar las inversiones para minimizar los riesgos
    • high-/low-risk investment inversión de alto/bajo riesgo
    • risk manager gerente de riesgos
      gestor de riesgos
    • The management of financial risk is the most obvious dimension.
    • In terms of companies with the highest financial risk profile of those analysed, Greencore comes out on top when the three measures are taken together.
    • Each year a report is produced by the trustees of your pension scheme and every three years there is a valuation by actuaries, who analyse financial risk.
    • Detailed measures of financial risk and return are provided in this chapter, characteristic of the empirical richness of the book.
    • In order to achieve this, the bank is concentrating on streamlining treasury operations, foreign exchange dealing and risk management.
    • But the bigger financial risk is the hidden cost of doing nothing.
    • But it sounds like he has the best of both worlds: a good amount of control with very little financial risk.
    • Your property will also be inspected to ascertain whether it is a suitable lending risk for the financial institution.
    • Evidence suggests that women are putting themselves at greater financial risk than men.
    • For most of us, the purchase of a new automobile carries with it a substantial financial risk.
    • Evaluation of risk management systems was included in the assessment of submissions.
    • The bank's strengths include its strong capital base and credit rating, and strong focus on risk management.
    • These firms made millions from fraudulent transactions involving little if any financial risk.
    • Beyond the sheer financial risk, the firms are exposing their relationships and their reputations.
    • Before you proceed, make sure that your investment is worth the risk.
    • To limit these risks, the central bank wishes to supervise and regulate the participants of the payments system.
    • As with any investment, there are risks involved in buying mutual funds.
    • All private assets were perishing; perceptions of risks were sky-high as bankruptcies amongst the banks accelerated.
    • Diversifying your assets means putting your money into different kinds of holdings, such as shares, bonds and property, to reduce risks and possible losses.
    • There may be severe credit risks in coming years by investors holding individual bonds, both taxable and tax free.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (put in danger)
    (reputation/health) arriesgar
    (reputation/health) poner en peligro
    she's prepared to risk everything está dispuesta a arriesgarlo todo
    • to risk one's life for sb arriesgar / poner en peligro su (or mi etc.) vida por algn
    • I was afraid to risk you, and was worried you'd be in danger if she kept working for me.
    • I need to find a way to monitor the subjects without risking anybody's life.
    • I wasn't going to risk my friends safety, plus Nick was getting scary.
    • She did not want a child of her own just yet; she was still in her prime and she did not want to risk her beautiful figure.
    • In the risks, gambles and chances by which entrepreneurs risk their fortunes on new ventures, capitalism enters a new heroic phase.
    • Playing such a provocative character, she may have been risking her career and incurring the anger of her fans who expected the usual singing and light-footed girl-next-door.
    • Then she remembered Justin, risking his life with little chance of winning.
    • By accepting the challenge, Casanova risks his life, his reputation and his chance to find true love.
    • Kayna couldn't believe that her father would dare to risk his life again, after failing for two times in a row.
    • Few women will dare to risk their lives to enter such an occupation - but even fewer will be chosen to serve.
    • She'd just watched her mother die of pneumonia and her father was trapped inside a caved in mine and no one dared risk their lives to pull him out.
    • Latin America became an ‘emerging market’, offering promising returns for anyone who dared to risk their money there.
    • Truthfully, I am scared, and though it may be foolish, I am willing to risk my life, for a chance.
    • We can't risk everything on a chance that we're being spied on.
    • Would be immigrants will risk everything for a chance of life in America.
    • If there was a chance that I could meet him again, then I was ready to risk anything, just for that single chance.
    • No, I just couldn't believe that he was sentimental enough to risk his life for the vague chance of a new family member.
    • "What parent wouldn't risk their own life for their child's life?
    • But why risk his reputation as a scientist by perpetuating such a falsehood?
    • He was not only risking his career, but his life and others with what he was about to do.
    • Why assume anybody in a public spotlight would willingly risk their career?
  • 2

    (expose oneself to)
    arriesgarse a
    correr el riesgo de
    to risk -ing arriesgarse a / correr el riesgo de + inf
    we risk defeat corremos el riesgo de / nos exponemos a una derrota
    • are you going to take your umbrella? — no, I think I'll risk it ¿vas a llevar el paraguas? — no, creo que me voy a arriesgar
    • I know you say that now, but we simply cannot risk another incident like this and have you lose your scholarship or even get suspended or expelled.
    • Today he was too concerned for Mariah to risk an accident.
    • My bet is nobody yet wants to risk the possibility of losing their subscribers to another such facility, through charging too much, or too early.
    • It also reminds us that it takes courage sometimes to learn, to let go certain defences in order to try, to risk failure.
    • She is a fool because she risks death for love.
    • Entrepreneurs were seen as chancers, but the stigma of setting up a business and risking failure has lessened.
    • They can't raise taxes any more without risking uprisings among the peasants and Highlanders.
    • I risked death because I knew that I would be helping to ensure the future of our country.
    • He would not risk failure by behaving so foolishly.
    • He could have forced his way inside, but it might have hurt her, and he didn't want to risk that happening.
    • They may be loyal to their duty, but they were not loyal enough to risk death.
    • He's always pushing and risking failure: when he fails, he does so spectacularly; when he succeeds, he does so spectacularly.
    • She had risked my father seriously injuring her in order to save me from his abuse.
    • Well, I don't entirely know how to answer that without risking you panicking again.
    • Businesses looking to save money by outsourcing customer service functions are risking losing customers and paying even more for the privilege.
    • I want you in on it too, but I'm not risking you two getting separated.
    • And I will not put you in the middle of it and risk you losing Samuel the same way I did Marie.
    • Carden was their only child and they obviously could not risk him being killed.
    • He didn't want to risk John finding out and getting Crystal into more trouble.
    • She later explained that she didn't want to risk someone hitting her pretty little - and expensive - car.