Translation of risotto in Spanish:


risotto, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈzɔdoʊ/ /rəˈsɔdoʊ/ /rɪˈzɒtəʊ/

Definition of risotto in Spanish

nounplural risottos

  • 1

    risotto masculine
    arroz a la cazuela masculine
    • The infused ‘saffron water ‘gives risottos and pasta dishes an exotic flavour and rich colour.’
    • He ordered the tomato risotto with basil, Mediterranean and roasted vegetables for €14.50.
    • She would have the seafood risotto whilst her mother and father who had decided long ago what they would have.
    • You've tried vegetables and chicken so why don't we try a more simple rice dish like risotto or something?
    • Short-grained rice is used in dishes such as risotto or sushi.
    • The risottos change daily, and the one I sampled was well made and tastefully dotted with bits of fresh zucchini and shrimp.
    • Along the coast, a meal usually includes fish and pasta, risotto, or polenta.
    • The first course was a minestrone, and the second course was a vegetarian risotto.
    • He enjoys the best wines, the best cars, and the best risotto made from truffles in his kitchen by the best cook in the Veneto.
    • They also specialise in mouth-watering risottos and duck.
    • Flakes of moist salmon had a depth of flavour which revealed quality sourcing, the clam risotto made a full flavoured accompaniment and perfect with the high note of the asparagus.
    • She was busy again, adding the cheese to the risotto.
    • The risotto was something of a success with a delicious combination of savoury Arborio rice and caramelised onions.
    • The lamb was delicious, and the risotto was rich and comforting.
    • Prawn risotto with dill and creme fraiche had all the promise of a light but punchy starter.
    • Amanda ordered some mushroom risotto as well, she craved a little Italian flavour.
    • Instead we savor parsley risotto with English asparagus and wild mushrooms, sautéed scallops in lentil-and-coriander sauce, and pan-fried veal with foie gras.
    • But I just had a few bites of risotto before I told Mom that I was full.
    • Other starters included risotto of butternut squash with semi-dried tomatoes and blue cheese dressing.
    • For dessert, I ordered the warm poached pear filled with creme brulée and served on a bed of creamed risotto.