Translation of RNA in Spanish:


RNA, n.

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    RNA masculine
    ARN masculine
    • In 1959 Nirenberg began his investigations into the relationship between deoxyribonucleic acid, ribonucleic acid and the production of proteins.
    • Anfinsen's work in the late 1960s demonstrated that understanding the chemistry of proteins was essential to understanding the function of ribonucleic acid in heredity.
    • Swine influenza presents a special challenge in genetics because its genome comprises eight segments of ribonucleic acid, better known as RNA.
    • Wheat streak mosaic virus is little more than a genetic snippet of ribonucleic acid.
    • Patients who had developed physical signs or symptoms of liver disease were more likely to have been infected for longer, to be positive for HCV ribonucleic acid, and to have acquired their infections at an older age.