Translation of roam in Spanish:


vagar por, v.

Pronunciation /roʊm/ /rəʊm/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (region/city) vagar por
    (region/city) deambular por
    to roam the streets vagar / deambular por las calles
    • they roamed the seven seas surcaron los siete mares
    • Frankie is the leader of a skinhead gang, roaming the streets, getting into bar fights and trashing the occasional record store.
    • Charlie roams the streets at night and goes into movie theaters, craving human interaction.
    • His interests, however, were not confined to optical recording but also included his emotional reaction to roaming the streets at night.
    • The Delaware roamed the fields and woods of the Northeastern United States for many centuries before white Europeans came to the shores of the New World.
    • Reporters roamed the district singly and in packs.
    • His tweed-clad, mainly male cast of characters roam the countryside and become embroiled in bizarre, nonsensical occurrences.
    • Jones says growers ‘will roam their fields while on their cell phones to the commodity markets in Chicago,’ and attempt to bring home a financial windfall.
    • The young St. Louis artist often roams the aisles of building-supply centers in search of ideas.
    • Dogs are present throughout the street series, roaming the streets and sniffing the gutters.
    • I roamed the woods and fields, absorbed in the sounds and sights of each season.
    • For three nights in a row, the ghost of King Hamlet has been witnessed roaming the grounds at midnight.
    • ‘As a boy, I spent every moment I could roaming the oak-studded hills of Northern California where I was raised,’ he said.
    • Apart from roaming the jungles and photographing wildlife, fishing is the other great passion of the author.
    • You will need to spend a couple of weeks roaming the labyrinth - but the rewards are likely to be quite high.
    • Later that night, the boys see him roaming the old house as if in a trance.
    • At this National Natural Landmark, remains of mammoths that roamed North America 26,000 years ago are preserved.
    • Previously they roamed Britain in their hundreds of thousands.
    • A sightless masseur who roams 19th-century Japan fighting injustice, he is easy to love and hard to kill.
    • Actively cultivating relationships, she freely roamed the village streets, visiting from house to house.
    • Rich argues that Western grasslands need the presence of large ungulates, like the bison that once roamed the plains.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    errar literary
    to roam around sth
    to roam about sth
    tigers roam freely in the jungle tigres deambulan en libertad por la selva
    • she spent the week roaming around Paris pasó la semana dando vueltas por París
    • I'm not having you roaming around the streets no quiero que andes deambulando / vagando por las calles
    • nomadic tribes roamed over the continent tribus nómadas recorrían el continente
    • It houses a remarkable collection of animals - most kept, as one might expect in such a civilized country, in large enclosures in which they can roam about with some semblance of freedom.
    • The film-making, which is claustrophobic and closely tied to the heat of the moment, puts us alongside him as he roams about his apartment and the reform school where he works.
    • Anywhere he roams, she is there, a reminder of the fragility of his heart and of his sham relationships.
    • So Wang Lung roams around the courts, staying away from Lotus who will be able to tell when a man is restless.
    • I just can't have a stranger roaming around my property at night.
    • Overall, the choreography is enhanced by images of animals roaming in the wild.
    • Obliged to work for his living from the age of 8, Gorky roamed all over Russia.
    • This is a site you could spend a week roaming around, finding information about nearly everything about architecture.
    • While she was roaming around the store with clothing in hand, her frustrated husband went to the center aisle and yelled, ‘Help!’
    • He roamed, visiting South America, the Middle East, finally Africa in search of something.
    • He discovers a terrible secret that drives him back home, but with samurai and bandits roaming all over the country, will his return be too late?
    • Not only do the GPS units track where the cattle roam, they also monitor head movements, thus indicating whether the cattle are eating, sleeping, or just walking.
    • In an outbreak, well over 100,000 of the flightless crickets roam across the land, devouring crops, grasses, and ornamentals as they go.
    • Then the 11 sows and their litters can roam throughout each room.
    • The chickens and turkeys also roam freely in the fields, eating bugs, grasses, and grains.
    • The Festival Committee, however, thought it necessary to underline the visitors' right to roam.
    • When it was purchased by a different zoo, it was to be placed in a natural environment where it could roam more freely.
    • Try tying clear fishing filament between a couple stakes at various heights where the deer are likely to roam.
    • Throughout my childhood, the hills with the unique catsteps formations were simply a wonderful place to roam.
    • Previously, the only way to see where cattle roam was to have people watch them, which is expensive.